Fans Are Few, Shows Fall Through, T.A.T.U. Sued (MTV.Com)

Time of publication: 01.05.2003
The management for Russian pop duo T.A.T.U. is being sued by the promoters of three canceled concerts in the U.K. The shuttered shows were the result of poor ticket sales.

Two shows at London's Wembley Arena on Friday and Tuesday were canceled Wednesday, along with one at the Manchester Evening News Arena on Sunday, according to promoters EEM Group. Less than 2,000 tickets were sold for the pair of shows at Wembley, which holds 12,000, while about 1,000 seats would have been taken for the Manchester gig, leaving about 9,000 empty, according to the British weekly NME.

A T.A.T.U. spokesperson in England blamed the sluggish sales on EEM, claiming they shouldn't have booked a group with only one hit in such a large venue. Although "All the Things She Said" and "Not Gonna Get Us" were released as singles from T.A.T.U.'s debut, 200 KM/H in the Wrong Lane, the latter has yet to come out in England.

The promoter claims the group's "unachievable and numerous obstacles" prevented it from selling more tickets, the U.K.'s Press Association Limited reported. EEM is asking for Ј300,000 ($476,000) to cover what it spent staging and promoting the shows. The suit was filed in a Russian court.

Among EEM's complaints were that no one informed the promoter of whether the purportedly lesbian couple's stage antics would be considered "immoral behavior," and that management had asked the promoter to invite 300 under-16 girls dressed in school uniforms. The request was denied.

Also, the group's management allegedly told EEM that the reason for the cancellation was because singer Julia Volkova was sick and unable to perform. Should the girls be paid more, however, management would have persuaded the singer to ignore her doctor's orders. EEG said they did not want to put the 17-year-old girl's health at risk.

—Joe D'Angelo
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