t.A.T.u. stole the MTV MAs! (by Madonna)

Time of publication: 01.06.2003
I'll write something quick about the awards cause I am tired. I'll give you guys the main points. They were the last act to perform so on TV they will probably close the show. The "ALL the Things She Said" song started playing and Yulia and Lena come out from the back and walked between the audience. They sang a little of that song (very little) and went straight into Not Gonna Get Us. Following them they had tons of girls wearing school uniforms(green ones) dancing and cheering to the song. Very similar to what eminem did with the look alikes. The band was live, and yes, they are the guys they used the last time they were here.They sang with pre recorded backgroud vocals and they also sang live. It was really great,the girls have a lot of energy and all those chicks they brought filled up the stage and most of the bottom floor. They were having fun, and they are gorgeous!!! They were wearing like some sort of army skirts and white tops. Yulia's hair was spiked back and Lena's was like always. It was really great you guys can not miss it for anything! They stole the show because 50 cent was like whatever and pink didn't sing live. It was something Unbelievable

They don't present an award. Oh yeah, there was a lot of Tatu fans cause as soon as they were done singing a lot of people left and the show wasn't over.

Any questions???

Oh crap I forgot! The extra girls (not lena and yulia) towards the end take of their skirts and end up in underwear, all of them are wearing guys underwear

I'm adding stuff as I remember, so here are a few facts:
-they were introduced by amanda bynes & hillary duff who said something like "ashton kutcher & colin (forgot last name) are cute but now we are gonna introduces some girls who want nothing with cute boys at all"

-in the screens they had newspaper articles with rumors and tatu's effect on society(i can't remember that well sorry, i was too busy staring at the girls) anyways the newspaper things went perferct with the Not Gonna Get Us song.

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