My Taty Experience (by YLuelniaa)

Time of publication: 03.06.2003
Day One (May 29, 2003)
I woke up a little earlier then normal on Thursday morning more excited then ever. I knew I would be heading down to LA too meet up with members of tatysite and Anyways, luckily I logged onto the site early enough to find out the girls would be making an appearance at KIIS fm...again. I freaked when I saw that and knew I had to leave earlier then planned too see them. So, of course. I called up Ogag and Yulia Roxxand figured out their I could meet up with them. I finished my packing and was on my way from San Diego to Burbank.The ride wasn’t too bad but, ..Seemed long when you have people driving sooo slow in front of you and your so anxious too see taty. Finally, after a good 2hrs or so, I realized I was so close to the KIISFM studio that I realized I had to go too the bathroom sooo incredibly bad. But the worse part was, I was stuck in traffic because apparently earlier that morning some dude decided to hold up an apartment building..and the police sprayed tear gas..and well the guy never came out. So, yes I am in traffic..having
tinkle really really bad. I finally catch my exit. and stop at the nearest gas station, call up Ogag.. and tell him I am near and I'm going too the bathroom..after feeling better..I call up Ogag again..and ask him where the hell I go. .he tells me and I still get lost a good couple of times..that's me for ya..Finally I arrive at the Studio at like 4:30 or 5pm, I can't really remember. Ogag had been there since 1pm and Yulia Roxx since 4pm. While waiting Ogag decided he would go up too the studios to find out more details. The Sec. didn't know much she pretty much told him to listen to the radio and that the interview would be a closed interview. I finally arrived, We chatted for a good hour or so, getting to know one and another, Yulia Roxx wrapped the presents for Both Lena & Yulia before we decided we were hungry so we headed to Subway to get something to munch on. We got what we wanted and headed back to KIISFM studios..for some more waiting. Ogag and I ate our subway, but midway through it got hella cold so I went to my car to get my sweater. Also, That’s pretty much when we got the clever idea that we should beg freaking JoJo or whomever we could to let us in the studios. So both Yulia Roxx and Ogag called the studios, but neither could get anyone to answer the phone.It was around 7pm, so JoJo had just gotten on the air. Me, I kept on walking back and forth, waiting and waiting. I went up too the security dude named Rob, to see if we could go inside and wait but the office had been closed. At first he invited us in so we could wait. Then he asked who we were waiting for and we told him. He’s like oh those two Russian Lesbians; I didn't know they were coming here again, because I hadn't heard anything. We just kinda looked at him all weird, like how could you not know. He's like it wasn't in our memo...blah blah blah. Then he tried to kick us out. Then I asked him a question. I said “the last time taty came..which door did they use too enter?” He's like “there are four different entrances, one right here where your at. One on the other side and two underground”..We all looked at each other like ahh shit, this isn't good. Then he proceed to kick us out. So we left feeling a bit down. Then I nagged Ogag to call again until we got through. SO he called..and long and behold after constantly dialing the # he got an answer..wooohoo right, NO...not good. It just meant more waiting. So he is on hold. I am sitting on the steps to the entrance..praying for something good to happen. Yulia Roxx, is pacing back and forth. We're all very impatient. Then, Ogag decides to go back to his car and chill their while on hold. I still reside on the steps, when the guard Rob comes outtoo talk with us about taty. Asking us a bunch a questions about the girls..and how come were the only ones their. Yulia Roxx and I look at each other like..we just fucking found out, so if we just heard the news not too many people know about it then. Not enough time for people to prepare..he's like oh...Then he leaves to go back inside. And I look at Yulia Roxx, like wtf, where’s Ogag..go see what’s up. So she leaves me with the girls Presents and her stuff to get autographed. Mind you I look funny too all the passer bys. I got some rather odd looks. Anyways, so she gone..and it seems like shes gone forever and I am like wtf...what the hell is happening why hasnt she come back. Long behold, I decide I am tired of sitting down, so I get up and head to Ogag car..and I look at yulia roxx's face and she is standing there..simply stunned. I am like girl, whats up. She tells me and I WIG OUT, I just can't seem to take the smile off my face. It was GLUED ON! Also after that news, I needed a cig, and you better believe I had one.*What happened* Ogag had gotten through, he talked to JoJo, too see what was up. Jojo, was going to see if he could hook us up. See if security would let us up stairs to go inside to studio or he would see if the girls would come down stairs after the interview to sign us some autographs. Then he took down Ogag's name and cell # and then put him back on hold!*
So, here I am bouncing around..freaking out. Yulia Roxx looks pale and Ogag is just grinning while on hold. Then he (ogag) tells us his minutes are running out and we look at him like wtf..not way this isn't cool.So we take his car charger and his cell phone back to Yulia Roxx's car so JoJo could possibly have a better view of us. They both sit in the car, chilling while I have another smoke, Then, we attempt to call on Yulia Roxx phone to get more mins added to his phone in which we failed miserably a good 5times. Then Rob the security dude comes out again and down the stairs to see what’s up and how were doing. When I see him I freak and tell him the news. he's like “that’s fantastic”, blah blah I don’t really remember all he said. I was still glazed over from the news. Then I take out my Rolling Stones and UK Maxim and ask him which I should get signed..and he’s like “hmmm, I don’t know.” .then he’s like “I like the blue cover so get that one signed.”.so am like “ok”. Then he's like” why do you two girls like them, is it because of the Music or that their Lesbians?” I look at him like duh, you stupido its the music. He kinda looks at us like SUREEE, but anyways. Then he gets a call on his radioand has to go back inside.So we head back over to Ogag who still remains on hold. We chill there, and then Ogag turns on the radio when their is a mention of taty..and we freak.. *side note* We Freak a lot..ok..just a warning. Then we see this dude go up too the door to try and get inside that studio. And he is told he can' he comes down to see us. By this time Ogag is walking back and forth, I am over by the car with Yulia roxx.. Thinking of all the possibilities. When he comes down we at first think he is with taty, Because he just happened to be Russian, but then he introduces himself and he happens to be Alerg from forum. It just so happens he just found out about taty being at the studios like at 6pm. So he busted his butt to get here. When we told him the news he got very excited. After all that, Ogag handed me his phone and began phoning up the phone company again to try and get more mins, by this time we had been on hold for an hour. Finally he got through, and we were safe from being disconnected. I was so excited that I took my sweater off and was no longer cold.Around 9pm we began to get more anxious, listening to was making us even more nervous them before cause it started to kick in that we would actually see them. I saw some dude arrive with a keyboard and were like they must be on their way here now if hes here. Seeing that, was like ohmygod this can't be happening, but then it kicked inthat it could also be a dream. Me being the very impatient one, went back up too the steps and chilled their, Alerg came up there with me to talk some more while waiting. Around 9:20, I was standing by the door talking to him when I saw a black town car, stop, kinda make a u-turn and then park. I said to Alerg "I think that's them!" But then continued on with my conversation, not realizing what I just witnessed. Then Ogag and Yulia Roxx said "GUYS THATS THEM" and I looked again and was like shit..ohmygod..WOW this can't be happening. At this point my heart skipped a couple of beats and I got nervous and couldn't think straight. So we just watched them in awe, forgetting too take pictures and stuff. We just couldn't believe our eyes. They were so tiny, so cute, so wow, right infront of our eyes. Yulia got out of Left side of the car and walked around the front over to where Lena was. And then Lena got out of the Right side, I think the drive opened to door for her but I can really remember. They stood there for a second and talked. Then proceed to walk up the path towards us. I was on the end of the stairs. Ogag was a little away from the stairs, kinda on the pavement and Yulia Roxx was a little away from Ogag and Alerg was a little to the side of me on the stairs as well. They walked right near us, Yulia, Lena, some lady from Interscope I believe and David. They just kinda looked at us like aww but didn't say anything, neither did I or Ogag or Yulia Roxx. We all just stood their in shock. Unable to speak.. when I kinda nudged Alerg to say something. This is where him, being Russian came in handy. Luckily we had all talked about this before they arrived so he knew what to ask. So he asked them in Russian, if we could take a picture and get an autograph.Yulia responded back in Russian speaking fast as hell. Shit, when you people comment on her liking to talk when she gets the opportunity to speak Russian...she can talk and boy does she love to. Mind you, she is like talking to Alerg, while they are walking up the stairs to go inside. She says something..continues walking, stops turns around
says something again..walks a little more, says something. And they reach the entrance into where they are going. This is where we all look at Alerg and we ask him what the hell she just said. She apparently said they can't take pictures right now because they are late, that they will do it after their interview. *Mind you that’s the short version*So we are all still stunned that the girls just walked by us and don’t move. We just look at them. They knock on the door for security to let them inside. Rob get up and goes over too the door. He looks at them and asks them what’s up. They are like were here for the interview, and he’s like do you have a pass. By this time Lena is inside, Yulia is outsidethe door and So is David and that women. He's like I am sorry I can’t let you in unless you have a pass. This is when Yulia turned around and said to Alerg *They hate us here* and he responds back with * NO WE LOVE YOU HERE!* she kinda smiles. The security dude is still at the door ushering the Lena out when Yulia Roxx and I take the Opportunity to tell ROB that "THATS THEM, THATS TATY, THATS WHO WERE HERE TO SEE, THATS THEM" he goes "I know, I just can't let them in without a pass." By the way he was smiling when he said this is when we took our opportunity to get what we came here for. Alerg then proceed to ask if we could take pictures and get autographs. And they agreed, but on one condition. We couldn't bug Lena, and only Yulia would be doing autographs and pictures. We were fine with that. So Yulia came down to us a bit. I just stood there and stared for a few minutes before I realized I was wasting precious time. I dropped my backpack and began digging for anything, I couldn't seem to remember what I wanted to get signed, I couldn't remember where my pen was, I couldn’t even remember to take pictures while I had the chance. Luckily Ogag and Yulia Roxx had enough sense to act on that. Ogag got the back of his magazine signed, I believe it was the Blender one, but I am not all that sure, then, Yulia Roxx got her CD signed, then Finally, I remember where I put my Germany Concert ticket and, I took it out and had her sign it. While she was signing it Ogag took a picture that sorta distracted her. She looked up at him like eh, bright flash you got there, and looked at me like wtf, so I said to him wait until she’s done. She finished and I simply kept staring at her.By this point Lena felt a little out of the action and came over to us. She stood right next too me. She didn't look so hot, she looked miserable as hell, very jet-lagged.. and like a sick little puppy. She had her hat and shades on, so you knew something was up. While standing sorta near me, Yulia Roxx handed Lena her present, Lena said thank you, smiled slightly and popped a squat. By this time, Ogag was having his picture taken with Yulia. he still had his phone in his hand on hold, with his little ear piece in..hehe quite funny. Yulia looked at him all weird and the interscope women comment on the two being the same height and we all chuckled. Yulia kinda smirked. Then, I believe Ogag handed Yulia the beanie he bought for her..the A/X one..she said thank you,While still squating, Yulia Roxx asked Lena if she was tired and she said yes, I kinda jumped in and said you wanna go home and he just nodded,By the look on her face you could see she felt like shit, like she was about to hurl. Then she got back up and went over to the interscope women. I was sorta listening to their conversation when I heard the interscope women say..."see thats why you should eat Sushi," I kinda, thats why I stay away from seafood! Then I turned my attention back to Yulia because I didn't wanna miss my opportunity to get a picture with her. When I turned around..Yulia Roxx was having her photo taken with Yulia..haha hella funny moment.. I end up in the picture looking all goofy. And Yulia Roxx handed Yulia her present, Then I said to Yulia "erm, can I have my picture with you now?" She nodded and said yea, I looked and her, then set my backpack down to get out my regular camera to get a regular picture. I handed my first camera to Alerg, and it didn't work seemed very odd, so I looked at Yulia again and said sorry, bent back down and got out my digital camera and handed it to Alerg, mind you she was watching me, so that didn't help.. and the bloody camera didn't work again...ugh I was like wtf dude. It should be working and Yulia sorta shrugged and I shrugged and turned around to Ogag and said dude take my picture please. He’s like alright. Yulia and I turned slightly, I leaned into Yulia a bit and he took it. Man, I felt huge next to her, so incredibly tiny, the both of them. I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own to they are small or maybe I just really tall! While all this was happening I was so incredibly close to Yulia, She smelt so amazingly good. I couldn't put my finger at it on the time what she smelt like but later on I did. She smelt like the Dove body wash, the crиme kind or whatever it is. I just knew what it was cause the smell was so familiar. All in all, Yulia understood me and everyone else quite well.When I turned for a picture she simply turned was so cute..she was just going with the flow. Ahh that was a great moment..Then after that was over, she just stood their and looked at us. I was fumbling to try and get my Rolling Stones mag out (the SPAIN ONE). By this time she was closer too the door. I finally managed to get it out of my backpack and hand it too her. The look on her face was simply PRICELESS, It will never be forgotten. As I handed her the Rolling Stones mag to get signed..she looked at it, look and me. Then looked back at it.She pointed to it and said "What's this?" It was just the cutest thing..ohmygosh you should have seen her face. Then I responded back like. "It’s you!" Then she just held it in her hand for a moment examining it closely.Like bringing it up to her face, then away from her face. Then the stupid guy from KIISFM studio came down, and got them, she handed me back my mag and said "I look at, when done" and then they were ushered away. They waved, we said bye, and they were off into the elevator.
After they were gone...we all FREAKED..Like HOLY SHIZNIZ that did not just happen. We just stood there motionless, then, Ogag like "hey there’s their car lets go get a picture of it." So we did that. I don’t think the driver in the car was too happy about that, but it was our moment. SO we didn’t really care. Once done with that. We went back to Yulia Roxx car to hear their interview that wasn't really much of an interview. WE blared NGGU when they played it at #4 and danced and sung and hollered. And of course after that I had to have another cig to recover. And talked about what we were going to do when they came back out. Have another game plan. Then Ogag had the bright idea of possibly getting a group shot of us with his tri-pod. We thought hey what the hell they might do it. Then I saw Rob coming out the door and ran up too him and said “I LOVE YOU MAN, I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU" he just smiled. He got a kick out of us. I thanked him I don’t know how many times because he is the one that really helped us out!The interview was over, so then we rushed back out to where they would be coming out again. I was on the steps again.. we were all pretty much in the same spots as before. Then Rob saw us and kinda kicked us off the of the top patio and said we aren’t really suppose to be taking pictures there..we didn’t care to much. When they walked out the Interscope lady was talking too them. Alerg tried to say something to them but this time around DAVID was being a dick-wad, and interrupting everything that he said. He wasn't very pleasant, I guess he thought he was this shit or something. He was really pissing Alerg off. They kept on walkingto their car and finally they stopped, I heard the interscope lady talking about Hair and Makeup--etc so that tipped me off for tomorrow. When finished, they turned around and looked at us. I had my little red pen handy and my two mags, UK Maxim and Spain Rolling stones. I got Yulia to sign them both woohoo I was so estatic..and the interscope lady commented on us having International Mags, she was quite shocked. I just smiled and said it was worth it. After getting my mag signed, I said thanks, and the lost track of my red pen, I just kept snapping away with my camera to make sure I got pictures since I forgot to when they arrived. I got some cute ones..Stupido David ruined some good shots..*poo poo on him* After, they finished up with communicating with us a short time. Lena got into the towns car..and David leaned in to say something too her and Yulia followed behind her. They waved bye..and drove off.. so we thought. Then all of a sudden we see the Towns car.. reverse...and Yulia head is sticking out the window.. she saying something to the interscope lady.. it was so cute seeing it..*STUPID DAVID RUINED THAT PICTURE* and then..that was it..and they were off once again. WE watched them drive away, in shock, a sad moment seeing them go. Once they were gone we said thanks to the interscope lady and she said don’t thank me thank them, its all THEM..I was like still THANK YOU!
Once the girls were gone..david and the interscope lady had a convo, and then they left. I couldn’t find my red pen. I was so mad, I wanted my pen back, and luckily she gave it back to Ogag so I have the memories of that as well. We chit chatted about what was up for tomorrow and I got Alerg’s number so we could figure things out for the next two days. We were at the KIISFM studios until about 10:15 before we left to go pick up K1n3t1k & Nunzilla still in a DAZE!


Day TWO...
*if your bored...then you will feel my pain!*

Day 2 (May 30, 2003)
The group and I had discussed last night what time we would be getting up at. So I had to be the human alarm clock and wake everyone up. We had gone to bed that morning around 4am and said we would wake up at 8am. Well, I woke up at 8:14am.. and bolted out of bed and into the shower. After showering I woke everyone else up and we were ready and out of the hotel room at 10am to meet Yulia Roxx down in the hotel lobby. Once everything was situated I called Pacmangirl up to give her the details of todayЎ¦s schedule. We had made plans to meet up at the Shrine at around noon. *got that info on the girls being their from the previous nights meeting* Which in the end didnЎ¦t happen but, oh well. After leaving the hotel we booked our butts to borders to buy some more magazines, then to best buy to buy a new memory card (whatever it was) thingy for Ogag camera so he could store more pictures and record some video footage. After best buy we went to the Lovely KinkoЎ¦s.. we spent about a good 1 and half there printing out our pictures from the night before. Reliving the moment, over and over in our heads. While spending a good deal of time in KinkoЎ¦s I got a call from Alerg and informed him of what was up, he said he wouldnЎ¦t be able to make it today but would see us tomorrow for sure. Then I got another call from Pacmangirl asking me where the bloody hell we were..hehe we were still at KinkoЎ¦s. Anyways after finally paying for everything we were on our way to the Shrine so we thought. Erm turns out we got lost a great deal. DidnЎ¦t know where the heck we were, and it didnЎ¦t help us any that none of us were from LA. After finally seeing the Shrine, I called up Pacmangirl again, and asked where she was, shes like I right by the stoplight thingy, hehe we were close. After hanging up Yulia Roxx parked her car and the meter and none of us had any change, so I got out too go meet up with Pacmangirl and Madsquirrel, Nunzilla came along with me as well. After being a bad friend and not introducing anyone to anyone... we left to go find Yulia Roxx, Ogag, k1n3t1k had parked the car. From there everyone introduced one another and we were off to the Shrine. Once getting all the details from Pacmangirl about the people at the Shrine and where the entrance was, we decided we should go check it out to get a feel for things and all find out the much needed details. None of us had a clue about how things worked with Mtv.
So we walk about a good two blocks to where they would be entering the red carpet (its BLUE but we still called it RED) and paced back and forth down the sidewalk. Trying to figure out how we could get some information about how things work. We saw the stage crew still working on the set-up for the show. After standing there and debating what we should do, my tummy started making noises. Everyone else agreed so we walked a good three blocks to get something to eat. When we got to were all the food places were no one could decide on what they wanted so I walked in to Jack in the Crack (Box) and ordered something to eat for myself and Ogag. Turns out I wasnЎ¦t that hungry and ended up wasting two tacos. I hate when your eyes deceive your stomach. After we all finished we trudged our way back to the Shrine... to stalk it like some mad fanz..( though were truly not mad HONEST)
Finally there we begin walking up and down the path to see which one of us is going to be brave enough to take the first step and ask the question. It was around 3pm. So Ogag, Yulia Roxx, Nunzilla, K1n3t1k and I had been there for about and hour or so and Pacmangirl and Madsquirrel had been there for about 2hours or so. Finally I got very impatient and took the first step and ask this dude that was directing traffic what the deal was. He didnЎ¦t know much and was like ask one of the stage crew people see if they can tell you anything. I was kinda like alright, but not to thrilled thatЎ¦s when 50cent and like 5 over cars drove past us. I didnЎ¦tЎ¦ even know who it was until the traffic dude told me.
From there I began pacing the sidewalk again with Pacmangirl and Madsqurrel. Nunzilla, Yulia Roxx, K1n3t1k and Ogag stayed over with the traffic director dude talking about such and such. Then I saw some dude with an Mtv type badge, when I said what the hell, let me ask him. So I waved him over across the street and he was kind enough to come. When he approached, I asked him Ў§Ok, tomorrow the stands over there is it for any fan that shows up to sit in them or are the people already casted to sit in them?Ў¦ In his cute little British accent heЎ¦s like I have no clue, why donЎ¦t you ask one the stage crew members. So I said thanks for the help and he left. We were still basically left where we were a few minutes ago. From there the gang came over to us, we told him the little bit of nothing that we got. So then Ogag, Nunzilla and Yulia Roxx went across the street to talk to some people that were seated inside the gates at the casting booth thingy. They basically said the same thing, ask the stage crew. So Nunzilla, Ogag and Yulia Roxx went up to this guy and asked him what the deal was. He still had no clue. We kept getting the run around from everyone and it was starting to ware on us, but we still remain persistent. Getting very impatient again, I crossed the street over to Ogag, Nunzilla and Yulia Roxx to see what the deal was with them. Still nothing, then, I think it was Ogag who asked the right guy and he said, let me see what I can find out. From there we walked the BLUE CARPET, hehe, he said donЎ¦t step on the ARROWS we just painted them. .so we watched closely and though, the girls will be walking this tomorrow. When walking the carpet we waved the rest of the group over and followed him behind the bleachers. He asked such and such people and they didnЎ¦t know either. Then he told us to wait by the cooler because a guy named Lewis should be coming by here soon, he knows whatЎ¦s up, but in the mean time you can get on the bleachers to check it out. Ogag, K1n3t1k and Nunzilla got on the bleachers to check it out while I remained half on the stairs and on the concrete, and Pacmangirl standing next to me with Madsquirrel and Yulia Roxx sitting down. While up on the bleachers Ogag and K1n3t1k took pictures of the VJЎ¦s getting a walk through of things.
The rest of us kept and eye out for this Lewis dude. I would call random people Lewis and they would look at me like I was whack. Finally, I asked the right dude and he found Lewis for us. Lewis told us that he didnЎ¦t know and that we had to go back to the casting tent. ThatЎ¦s when our hearts sunk, like not again. So we went back to the tent, and from there it got ugly. We ask the dude guarding the gate if we can go in and find out about the bleachers and such and such. HeЎ¦s like we go to the tent and the we ask the guy the questions, heЎ¦s like I will go and find out for you guys. This is when some grouchy moofoo kicked us out. He says to the other guy that let us in, how do you know thatЎ¦s what they really want blah blah. When I said that is what we really wanted..we have no reason to lie about it. Then hes like well you need to wait outside that gate blah blah, and I said thatЎ¦s what were doing. Then he didnЎ¦t like that I was responding too him with attitude since he was giving it too me, so he kicked me off the premises. ѓє yep thatЎ¦s right I got ejected.. So I am the only one on the opposite side of the street waiting for details. They finally get their answer and come over to tell me. We are told that itЎ¦s full, and too check out the website or show up tomorrow at noon to see if anything is vacant. With that news we all feel pretty crappy, because MTV became so FAKE TOO where are the TRUE FANZ. From there, PMG, get on the phone to have her friend check out the website, but all they have left our fillers for the Essences Awards, blah. I think around this time its 5 or 6 at night. When Nunzilla goes back to the traffic dude to talk with him and have him give us a sign if he sees taty drive by, so we can prepare. PMG, Madsquirrel and I get this weird feeling so we decide to walk around the Shrine to see if there is another entrance, turns out there is. We talk to the dude to see if anyone has entered he said 50ct came through here when he was late. Were like oh alright, you wouldnЎ¦t happen to be lying to us are you. He just smirks. Then we leave to go back to the other side of the Shrine. When we get to the gang there back on the other side of the street, where I am not suppose to be so I cross to go to the other side, cause the stupid man kept giving me evil looks. So PMG, MS and I are on the other side the gang is near the tent. When PMG, gets another weird feeling so we bolt back to the other side again. Grr, I tell you I never felt so dead in my life..Got nothing again. I asked the dude again and he said nada. Gosh, even flirting got me NOTHINGЎKblah.. We arrive back in the same place as before, no news what so ever from either. So we cross the street and wait at a stop sign, when this dude name Mike came up to us and asked us why we were here waiting. We told him and he gave us a tentative time in which taty would be arriving. *Mikes the dude that does the announcing of people on the red(blue) carpet.* Were like great.. we havenЎ¦t missed them with all the stuff thatЎ¦s been happening. We wait, we wait and we wait. At around 7 or so, I get this weird ole feeling that something was about to happen, so this time MS and I walk to the backstage place by ourselves We get a little away when I realize I forgot my pictures, grr so I turn around and run to get them. We get to our destination and I talk to a different dude and ask him if he has seen two short little Russians blah blah and I show him a picture. At first heЎ¦s like no, then he like wait a sec let me see that picture again. I show him heЎ¦s like yea I think I saw her earlier today, her and two other girls. That moment, I was like WHAT NO, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Then he explains that he saw them and one was wearing baseball capЎKetc. then as he was telling us this, some girl came running up to us asking where she checks into cause she is a dancer? I am like are you a TATY DANCER, sheЎ¦s like YES, whyЎKI was like ARE YOU FCUKIN SERIOUS. she just looked at me like I was crazy. Anyways, we did some more waiting over at the gate and saw Pink talking on her cell phone. When MD got a call from PMG telling us they were inside the gate with a bunch of taty dancers and extras.. we were speechless. Then we just kept on watching Pink doing blah blah, when PMG joined us. And long behold like 10mins later TATY Arrives and I am on the other side of entrance... I see a short little thing get out of the Van, sheЎ¦s wearing pink YET AGAIN then I saw a little glimpse of Lena. And then they were off. So we went back to the other side and they were like yep they entered so you saw themЎK*thought for a sec my glasses were deceiving me* After, that, we stayed there, just chilling by the gate annoying the heck out of the Mtv people. Long and behold at around 7:25 or so I am not really sure..a car pulls up to the gate wanting to enter. We look insideЎKohmyGODЎKits IVANЎKno way we all bust out our cameras and start taking pictures of Ivan.. we even show Ivan pictures of us meeting taty last night and heЎ¦s gets this big OLE GRIN on his FACE kinda shocked. It was so cute. Well they (security dude) evidently didnЎ¦t believe he was with taty so they made him park his car and walk back over. So he comes by us and me being me, ask him for an autograph, but he turned me downЎKhehe he was running late. I just thought I would give it a go *When he spoke he was very soft spoken, not what I was expecting at all. He came off very sweet and gentle.*But Ogag being the slick little dude took a picture of Ivan and I, and I look like I am giving and interview as we walk. So Ivan enters the gate, talks to the people, gets his tags or whatever and is off into the Shrine.
So there we are,..weЎ¦ve seen Ivan, weЎ¦ve seen the girls..What more could standing outside the Shrine for an ungodly amount of time get you. After that, we backed off and chilled sorta on the other side. We got bored and went back over too the other side again pissing more people off but I think they saw our dedication. Its around 8pm now, we start hearing the girls practice faintly. We hear ATTS, and were kinda like what, err, weird then we hear NGGU. There were people there with Mtv dissing taty because they knew we were fans it was quite funny and entertaining, too think we gave a rat-ass what they said. But they sure loved to talk about taty. One thing that I must mention when they gates kept on opening and closing it felt like the fence scene from ATTSS, without the rain. One woman went inside and watched their performance and came out and told us about it. SheЎ¦s like if I could I would take you guys inside to see it but unfortunately I donЎ¦t work for MTv. She kept on talking non-stop about the performance at how much it kicked ass. Making us want to see it even more, giving very detailed description about the school girls bum rushing the stage and ripping off their cloths and the headline in the back, what it read. She said it was full of lots of energy and the girls look and sang fantastically. She also said she didnЎ¦t know who they were, but was sure after people saw this performance they would definitely know who they are. After that, she left again and we waited some more. We were joined by two other girls, that were taty fans and JT fans (bleh). We were also offered some drinks by this MTv dude, which was very sweet of him. Then long behold at around 8:35 the girls happened very very quick, we were like wtf, we didnЎ¦t even see them get into the vehicle( we were all in a daze), but they zooooooooomed off . (got footage of that too). Then we saw Ivan come walking out by us again talking to some dudes getting more info. I think he was surprised to see us still standing out there. After they were all gone we decided it would be best to go home and get some sleep because we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. We walk 2 blocks to our cars. PMG & MS go to his car and Ogag, Yulia Roxx, Nunny, K1n3t1k and I head to DennyЎ¦s for our dinner. At DennyЎ¦s me make the Ў§Day and the Life of a TATY fanЎЁ .Once finished eating itЎ¦s around 11pm. We head back to the hotel to crash unfortunately we got lost yet again. But that was our day of finding out all the information possible that we would surely need for the next day.


Day Three (May 31, 2003) (Part One)-Day Time

We crash Friday night at about 3:30 almost 4, again the night before we decided we would be getting up at 8am again. This time around I woke up a couple minutes before 8, at 7:53am. Yet again I was the first one in the shower and had to wake those sleepy heads up again. We were out of the room at exactly 10am because the room service people would be coming to clean our room at 10:15 as I requested. This time around we took two cars to the Shrine. I had my car and Yulia Roxx had hers’. She followed me to the Shrine and of course we blasted taty on the way there. Once there it was about 10:45am, we parked our car where we weren’t suppose to, in a grocery parking lot. We left our bags in the car. After that we walked to the Shrine and saw there were a few people already there waiting behind the barricade set up. We scoped out the place to see where would be the best place to set ourselves up. Once settled, I think it was Ogag and Yulia Roxx that went over to the casting tent too see what was up for later on today. They came back not looking too happy. It turns out everyone apparently shown up, at least that’s what we were told. So we were disappointed with that, but we thought what the hell we can still get spot along the barricade.
We set ourselves up, well I did and so did K1n3t1k and Ogag, seeing what they could do to capture pictures and videos. They kept moving back and forth. Nunzilla and Yulia Roxx were talking to the same Traffic dude from the day before getting a little bit of insight. I call up PacmanGirl and MadSquirrel to see where they were at. They inform me they are pretty close. Then Ogag suggest to me that we should use the tripod, only thing is its back at the hotel and we would have to go back and get it. So I say hey what the hell, we got time to waste until the show begins. So Ogag and I ask the gang if they want anything before we leave, like munchies and such and such, they tell us and were off back to the hotel. Unfortunately we got lost yet again on the way back to the hotel .bloody LA, I hate YOU! Anyways, at the hotel Ogag runs up to the room to get the tripod and I park in the hotel circle thingy. He comes back and I tell him we need to get gas so we pull over at a TEXACO and I fill (Whitey) my car up. And go inside and buy 2 Redbulls because I sure as hell needed the energy boost and buy some peanuts while Ogag buys some water, coke and chips. While in TEXACO, I get a call from Pacmangirl telling me they are closing the roads and the parking down at 1pm so we need to hurry up and get back. That wasn’t the greatest news because it was 12:45 and we were at least 40 mins away. So we book it back to the Shrine, I blare Katya as we drive. Like 2mins away we see some of dancers in a line waiting on something. Ogag hollers at them. We get back to the grocery parking lot and actually get a better space then before. Turns out just the road the show is on was closed. Once settled we grab the tripod and munchies and of course my backpack and head back out to wait.
We get there and give everyone their munchies, and I walk over to where Pacmangirl and Madsquirrel are and the wait begins. The rest stay over by the traffic dude talking yet again about stuff I have no clue. We wait and we wait and we wait some more. More people begin to show up. We see Luduris or whatever his name is, Jessica Simpson and Suchin Pac practicing before the show. We snap a couple photos of them. Then Yulia Roxx and Nunzilla become very antsy and start walking back and forth. They meet this girl and walk with her to the casting tent and then back over by the bleachers. During that I had no clue what was going on, I was just watching. About this time Alerg shows up with some Vodka He remained over by the traffic dude, sipping his vodka and eventually Nunzilla and Yulia Roxx joined back up with him. Then the waiting resumed. Mike walked by us and saw that we were still determined too see them again. He later on told Ogag that if we didn’t get into the bleachers that he would have a camera crew come up to us and film us and ask questions. Which I thought was very sweet of him to do. At around 2 or 3 it started to get hella hot. I started to get burned and MS and PMG were already turning red. I didn’t like that, I never get burned. So those two went and sat in the shade. Then some stupid girls showed up and started invading my space trying to take our places along the barricade. It really ticked me off, (I get mad easily when I haven’t slept that much) when I went for a smoke, trying to be nice and back away so my smoke didn’t effect anyone they inched into my spot (bitch). Anyways, back to waiting. We wait and wait some more, some little boy got a bloody nose. Poor kid, we didn’t have any napkins so he suffered. Then some dude came by and told us they still had seats left that we could buy, I really didn’t pay it any mind. I just kept on waiting and waiting some more. Finally, a little later into 3 around 3:30 almost 3:45 we got the signal that taty was going to arrive. So we booked our butts over to where they would be. We had our little miniature poster out along with our cameras. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures because they were too far away and we didn’t go across the street this time. After we found out they were already there we chilled for a bit. Ogag got some pictures of the school girls that were outside A bit more relaxed. Everyone went back to where they were. Then Ogag came up to me and told me they were selling tickets for the balcony for $50. I pulled out my money and was like shit I am short $5, lucky Alerg had my back and spared me the $5. I went and bought my ticket with him. Then I asked PMG if she was going to go. She was debating back and forth because they were originally suppose to go some place else after watching taty arrive on the red(blue) carpet. Finally, she gave in and off those two went to buy their tickets. When they came back they both were laughing a lot. I was like what’s up. They told me they were almost ran down by Ivan who was picking up these chicks. Ay yay yay on Ivan. So back to waiting again. I went over to Alerg to see what was happening over there and he said not much. Then as I was coming back I saw this dude picking out people by us and putting wrist bands on them. I was like wtf, that’s whack, we’ve been here long. Why are you choosing them it was really making me mad. Then I mentioned it to Ogag and K1n3t1k and they disappeared. Then across the way we saw the people that were in the bleachers. A bunch of blonde hair blue eyed big ole boob girls in the stands. So I was like..shesh apparently were not pretty enough. At that point I was really starting to have distaste for MTv you can ask PMG and MS. Then out of no where I got a call and it was Ogag only I didn’t hear his voice I heard someone named Erin.. weird I know. So hung up and then looked around for Ogag then I saw him standing in the line where people with wrist bands were. They were going to be on the bleachers. So I called him up and was like whats the deal. He’s like come here and say Steve sent you. I was like alright and PMG, MS and I walked down the path towards them and then crossed the streets. We went over to the gang and talked to them trying to get things straightened out before we made a fool of ourselves. Then we went over to Steve and he automatically hooked us up because he realized we were with them. He’s like if MTv knew I was doing this they wouldn’t be too happy. So I thanked him a bunch of times, same with PMG and MS. Then we went and got in line with the gang. Once in line we all sorta freaked like wow this has paid off were going to get some fantastic shots of the girls and were going to see them perform live NOW. It was awesome. Then the other dude announced who would me appearing on tonight’s show. After waiting a good 10minutes or so we were ushered over to the bleachers. Were we were told a bunch of nonsense in which no one really listened. Once on the bleachers we freaked again, no one could be believe it still. Mike started talking and teasing us, encouraging us to cheer etc…When finally the show began. There were big gaps in the bleachers because everyone moved forward. I kinda got tired of almost falling so I moved back a little. The JackAss crew walked by, Kelly Osbourne…and the Firestone dude..some other people I really didn’t care for. Then all of a sudden out of no where I decided to look behind me. AND YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHO I SAW..ok you might but yea I saw the TATY’S BAND…SVEN, TROY and ROMAN. That’s when I freaked and said the first name that came to my mind. SVEN. When I said that all 3 of them turned around like wtf. Then I waved them over to us, and they came willingly. I told the gang and they came booking there butts to me to get autographs as well. I could think of anything I could get signed because I didn’t own anything that they had been in or on. Plus, I was hella nervous for some odd reason and my brain wasn’t functioning. So I got all three of them to sign my picture of Yulia and myself from Thursday night. Sven looked at the picture and was like where was this taken and I told him he’s like oh I wasn’t there. HAHA Then he called on his cell phone and was like shoot we should be recording this. Some dude next to me was getting their autographs and had no clue who they were. He’s like who are you Puddle of Mudd? their like NO! WE’RE TATY’S BAND! That’s right you tell him. When Roman was signing my picture he dripped his water on it, so his autograph is a bit smudged. And Sven signed my picture twice because the pen wasn’t working to well hehe. We got a couple more pictures of them and they were off to go some where. I have no clue where though. Then we all stood in the stands a bit anxious, simply waiting for the girls arrival. I was simply taking pictures of Famke Janseen, Jennifer Gardener and David Beckham with Victoria while waiting a little bit. Then I turned around again and saw Troy walking back by. So I said hey could you smile for my camera, he’s like no, then he smiled. Then a few moments behind him were Roman and Sven, they did the same. Then we said see you at the show. And that was that. Then the wait began again. Maybe 15minutes late Mike announced the ARRIVEL OF TATY…we went bonkers. I told the dude next too me that I would be squeezing in between him so I could try and get some photos. He’s like no problem. So I stood there for I think what seemed like 10mins when the girls walked by hella super fast, I barely got any pictures, that’s how fast they moved. Luckily Nunzilla and Yulia Roxx were up close taking pictures. Once they disappeared I looked at PMG and was like dude we need to go to the other end to get some pictures of them entering into the Shrine, she agreed and we dashed off across the bleacher.(forgot too mention the bleachers began to break at this time too much weight on the front) So we both wait over on the last bleacher, and wait some more. AND finally we see them. We start going mad screaming. Lena got distracted by some other girls saying her name. She looked back at them smiled, so did Yulia. I think they were surprised. Then I just keep screaming. First I was screaming Yulia, then screamed Lena, Lena, LENA.(PMG was doing the same while taking photo with my other camera).she finally noticed us and smiled. Then after that I screamed YULIA, YULIA YULLLLLLLLIA, finally she turned around. I don’t think she could hear us much. She saw me and waved all smily…I was like holyshit..and she smiled, I am not sure if she remember me or what but it was an awesome feeling. After that, PMG and I were never the same. She was shaking because she couldn’t believe that all just happened. It was an simply WOW to feel recognized and waved at by the two girls in which you came too see. After we all settled down we didn’t care too much about the rest of the arrivals. We were chill. Then we asked the women what time we should head inside since we had tickets and she’s like now... so we booked it.


(Unfinished, but this is followed with the MTV MA Performance. ^_^ -Echo.)
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