t.A.T.u. ignored Dvizhenie-2003 Awards

Time of publication: 14.08.2003 (14:35)
The headliners of this show promised to be t.A.T.u. The organisers, just in case, made a reservation for a 12-person table for t.A.T.u. – were they to want to come and bring their relatives and friends. But they declined. t.A.T.u. totally ignored the new national awards ceremony. They say that Ivan Shapovalov heartedly threw “They may all go and f..k themselves with their own awards. They should have thought about it earlier when we weren’t that known in Europe.” Nevertheless, the organisers announced that t.A.T.u. won the award. A confusion took place then. The presenter invited t.A.T.u. on stage to pick up the award and knowing that t.A.T.u. weren’t in the audience was about to put the award plate aside. At this very moment a young man approached the stage introducing himself as Ivan’s lover. He took the award and promised to pass it to the girls. A moment of confusing silence was spread over the audience. No one really understood who really the man was.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda
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