t.A.T.u. – Yulia was hospitalized

Time of publication: 22.08.2003 (19:11)
Yulia Volkova was hospitalised in CCH (central clinical hospital) right after her return from Turkey. Right in the car, she began to feel so poorly, that she could not even dial her cell phone to call parents. A half hour after her arrival to the hospital an emergency surgery was performed on Yulia. At the moment, Yulia feels rather well but the important concert planned for August 23 however, was necessarily cancelled. Yulia looks a little bit tired and it’s obvious that the hospital atmosphere is getting on her nerves. A purple five-centimetre scar on the right side is accurately covered by a plaster. Yulia is worried, that after the surgery there will be a mark and it won’t be at ease for her to show on stage or on a beach, the newspaper Zhizn writes.

"Later on doctors told me that the surgery passed successfully and the appendix was removed in time," says Yulia. "Nobody knows how it all would have ended up, had we waited longer. All the time while I was in the hospital, I was visited by guys from our group every day. Lena came with flowers, fruit and juices. I want to leave the hospital as soon as possible, because I wanted things, anything." But doctors denied that wish of Yulia’s to go out clubbing. They have recommended for her, instead, to keep the strict regime for a whole month: no sharp movements and any concert activity. Yulia understands the responsibility. Now she’s got some time to read books and to watch TV.

"It is a pity, certainly, that because of me t.A.T.u. will not go to Monte Carlo. All of us have been looking forward to this trip," says Yulia. "We will perform there anyway. You see, the tickets have already been sold. More over, a concert in Latin America is planned too. It turns out that right now our songs began to climb the charts there."

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