Elena Kiper will determine the future of t.A.T.u. songs

Time of publication: 04.09.2003 (22:18)
The conference “Exploitation Problems of the Russian Authors’ Rights in Russia and abroad” will take place on Septemer 10th. Among the invited to the conference is Elena Kiper, along with the representatives from Universal Music Russia, BMG Russia. The main reason for organising such a conference lies in Elena Kiper's decision to terminate her contract with Neformat which is a holder of the royalties for t.A.T.u. songs. Details of a trial between the parties will be announced at a round table discussion. Miss Kiper is intended to tell the reasons of why she wishes to terminate the contract with Neformat and what she is going to do with her rights on t.A.T.u. songs when they’ll be returned to her. Theoretically, she may even forbid performing her songs ever again or to revoke the CD copies in the countries where her name is not published among the authors. There’s the third way out – to delegate the rights to the third party. The final fate of t.A.T.u. songs will be determined on September 10th.

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