t.A.T.u. performed as extras for SMASH!!

Time of publication: 05.09.2003 (01:31)
The fifth ceremony of the annual music awards “Stopudovy Hit-FM” took place on September 4th in the Olympisky Concert Hall. The nominees, such as In-Grid, t.A.T.u., Ivanushki International, VIA-Gra, Dynamit, Gosti Iz Budushego, Reflex, Fabrika, SMASH!!, Glukoza, Jasmine, Dima Bilan and many other artists entered the stage followed by the girls’ screaming from the audience and requests to be photographed. The organisers put up a fan-zone at the personnel entrance to the Hall. Despite the weather conditions, well-heated fans greeted the national celebrities. Contrary to the organisers’ expectations the show wasn’t sold out. The stage was decorated without traditional music awards elements: a light, semi-transparent background was set across the stage which served as a shelter for the artists. Many artists performed in pairs or groups but the most strange combination was between t.A.T.u. and SMASH!! During the performance of group Smash! t.A.T.u. made their way to the stage right through the most packed place of the venue – the floor area where people were dancing, almost loosing their clothes and hair. With lots of efforts, the security pulled t.A.T.u. out of the very pleased crowd and helped them pass the barricades and get on the stage. t.A.T.u. sang couple of lines with Smash! and left the stage as rapidly as they got on it. The audience got very confused with such a surprise. According to the program, t.A.T.u. had to perform Ne Ver’ Ne Boisya and get the “100 Pudoviy Hit” award for their latest single. Evidently that strange dancing performance seemed to be sufficient for the girls - they didn’t appear on stage after that.

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