Lena Kiper will appear at the press-conference with a guards’ escourt

Time of publication: 09.09.2003 (18:25)
The place and time of the conference are now specified. The conference will take place in the press-centre of Moskovsky Komsomolets. Miss Kiper is going to announce that on the 11th of September, Timiryzevskiy People Law Court will examine the matter of the contract's cancellation between Neformat and Lena Kiper. In the case of a positive legal development for Miss Kiper, the majority of the t.A.T.u. songs' copyrights will be passed on to her. The experts consider Neformat’s case a weak one. As such, Lena will have a right to suspend all sales of the lesbo-duet’s album, to remove the songs from radio rotations, to impose arrest to the print runs and to prohibit the performance of these songs. Miss Kiper’s intentions are going to be cleared by her stab at the press-conference. According to Miss Kiper’s PR manager Eugeny Nichipuruk, to avoid any pressure from Ivan Shapovalov’s side, the stab eliminated all possibilities of interaction between Miss Kiper and unknown persons. At present moment, Lena has declined in giving any interviews and moves around the city in the company of guards. She is intended to appear at the press conference by all means.
The conference starts at 15:00.
Accreditation information: 508-5147 (Art-consult), 8-926-228-0165 (Eugeny Nichipuruk).

Source: InterMedia
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