The trial between Elena Kiper and Ivan Shapovalov is at a draw at the moment

Time of publication: 12.09.2003 (13:06)
The trial on the contract's cancellation between Neformat and Lena Kiper took place on the 11th of September, at Timiryzevskiy People Law Court. We remind you that Lena decided to claim her copyrights to the songs Ya Soshla S Uma (All The Things She Said) and Nas Ne Dogonyat (Not Gonna Get Us) from Neformat. Neither Miss Kiper nor Mr. Shapovalov appeared at the Court though. The lawyer, representing Miss Kiper, Alexey Shulga, on his way from the Court, made the following comment: “Because of the fact that the respondent intentionally avoided receiving the notification for the Court attendance, the Court decided to notify the respondent about the necessity of his presence once again. The date for the new hearing is set for 24th. If the respondent does not attend the next hearing, the lawsuit will go on without participation of the latter.” Mr. Shulga added, that the material from the press conference published in Gazeta with the comments of the director of Neformat, Serguey Bobza, has been filed for the trial examination. It is obvious out of this material that Mr. Bobza is well informed about the trial matter. “It means that Neformat is simply trying to win some time to make Miss Kiper to withdraw her claims,” added Evgueny Nichipuruk, Miss. Kiper’s PR-manager. The comment contains a hidden message of threat towards Lena that if she’ll continue pressing charges – she may have problems with her artistic material, particularily with her hit Nichya.

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