t.A.T.u. gives a sign to attend the press conference

Time of publication: 13.09.2003 (13:21)
t.A.T.u.'s press conference will take place on September 15th in Moscow. The place is still kept undisclosed while the time is now known. Besides this, Neformat has given a few hints to the journalists accreditated for the press conference. The representatives of Neformat will wait for the journalists at 20:00 in the lobby of the Peking Hotel. From there, the journalists will be shown to the actual place for the conference. To the question of InterMedia, how the journalists could recognize the representatives of Neformat, the companie’s PR-manager Alexandra Titianko said that the latter ones would try to somehow mark themselves, for instance by holding a set of Russian music annual catalogues published by InterMedia.
Accreditation information: 299-4950/5689, 8-903-545-3375 (Alexandra Titianko).

Source: (by material of InterMedia)
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