t.A.T.u. “hide” the authors of their new songs

Time of publication: 16.09.2003 (21:17)
The press conference for t.A.T.u. took place on September the 15th, in the penthouse of the "Peking" hotel. The Sky Room is located right under the roof, so journalists were brought there by elevators - five men at a time; therefore the ride took almost an hour. They were allowed access to the elevator through the use of a list. Waiting for their "journey", the representatives of the press did crosswords aloud, and the guard spent a certain amount of time in search of the accreditation list for the publication "The Red Army man from the harem". When everyone finally gathered in the Sky Room, Ivan Shapovalov explained that t.A.T.u. would be recording their new album and that one of the Japanese television networks is ready to make a reality show. “The room will be geared up with special equipment,” promised Ivan, and having selected this location because of its beautiful scenery. "Look into the windows! It looks like Moscow." The remodelling of the future recording studio is in the full run now. t.A.T.u.'s producer Ivan Shapovalov, Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina sat on the construction stepladders. Mr. Shapovalov repeated the information about the future t.A.T.u. concerts in Tokyo, presented in the press releases. The shows with 43.000 spectators in Tokyo Dome on December 1 and 2 will be performed as videoperfomances. The world's largest video screens of 200 square metres are being built now for this show.
After that the journalists had a chance to ask a few questions, the majority of which were directed towards the opinion about the crisis in the project of t.A.T.u. Neither Ivan Shapovalov’s nor the girls’ answers dismissed these speculations. Thus, Shapovalov refused to reveal names of the authors of the songs for the new album (it is asserted that two compositions are already ready): "You will see it when the time comes. Maybe we will record something that won’t be included into the album". Yulia and Lena declared that they always could sing but refused to give an example of live singing.
Mr. Shapovalov deviated from commentaries on scandal with former co-producer Lena Kiper. At the end he had to say: “I don’t follow the court trials and do not think about what happened five years ago. Any rights? Lawyers deal with them! Those who can write new songs, don’t dispute because of the old ones." Rumors about the fact that Kiper sang for Volkova on the first album, Ivan confirmed with the enthusiasm: "Yes, Kiper sang for Volkova, and now Volkova speaks instead of Kiper."
Ivan Shapovalov gave updates about condition of the group's press-attache Beata Ardeeva who is recovering after the car accident in one of the Moscow sanatoriums. Volkova confirmed information about the surgery on the removal of her appendicitis.

Source: (Aleksey Mazhayev, InterMedia)
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