Press conference in the Sky Room: Official opinion in short

Time of publication: 20.09.2003 (13:14)
On September 15, 2003, t.A.T.u., their producer Ivan Shapovalov and the remaining representatives of their management group conducted the press conference in the Sky Room - the new residence of Neformat and the future recording studio. Due to the continuous renovations, Ivan and girls answered questions, sitting on construction stepladders.
The press release, where all matters concerning their current projects were clearly presented, was given to journalists: the beginning of the t.A.T.u. World Tour "Show Me Love" in Japan, the creation of full-length cartoon with Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina in the main roles, and also launching of the new version of the official site.

Despite the fact that the press conference passed with the large accumulation of the different caliber of cameras and people and the fact that Ivan and girls were ready to answer any questions, the conference turned out to be boring. Journalists were mostly interested in the story with Lena Kiper, trying to accuse girls with being incapable of singing and, generally, in every possible way attempted to expose t.A.T.u. as creative impotence.

- Ivan, don’t you fear that Lena Kiper will nevertheless win the trial?
- What do you mean "win the trial"?
- That the copyrights will be passed on to Lena.
- Ah, the trial process! The process, that will pass the rights to the songs, which are 3 years old! It can be called a process, if she wrote new songs during this time.
- What relation do you have to Lena Kiper now?
- I love her!

- Haven’t you had any thoughts as to getting in touch with Nikolay Baskov to do a TV-show together?
- Get in touch yourself if you want to!
- How is Beata Ardeeva?
- Meet me after the press conference, I’ll give you the sanatorium address – you may visit her there and check on her health.

Source: Official Site
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