t.A.T.u. is on a well deserved vacation

Time of publication: 23.09.2003 (19:25)
Members of the scandalous duo t.A.T.u., Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, decided to spend the last weeks of September on vacation. The girls, who are almost never apart agreed that they’d spend this ferry separately: each one in the company of their own relatives. The trips were obtained in different travelling agencies but it turned out that the girls chose one and the same place for their trips anyway – Kemer, Turkey, as Zhizn reports. Both Lena and Yulia were very surprised by such a coincidence and continued to compare the data in the travelling documents. To their greatest joy, the 5-star hotels booked by Yulia and Lena were located in different parts of Kemer. Theoretically, the girls can meet and socialize with each other during their vacation but there’s hardly any chance that they’ll use this option.

"I’m not going there to socialise and rehearse but to have a vacation – and the main thing is to get some tent," declared Lena.

The girls are staying in Turkey until September, 26. Lena and Yulia talked their parents into staying at home, their bodyguards or any other personnel have also remained at home, but when it comes to money – no lack of such so the girls can relax and forget for a moment all the hard times of their celebrities' life.

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