Vitaliy Mansky will tell and will show all the truth about t.A.T.u.

Time of publication: 24.09.2003 (23:34)
The famous TV journalist and chief of board for the documentary directors of the TV channel Russia Vitaly Mansky, who had made documentaries about Michael Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, and a winner of many international awards is completing his new picture about the unwritten laws of show-business. The main characters will be group t.A.T.u.

Vitaliy revealed this information in his interview to the Latvian newspaper Telegraph: "Now, I am finishing a film about the laws of show-business. t.A.T.u. seemed like the best choice for demonstration. Everything with them is so obviously thought of, molded out, that I became interested in showing all this obviousness is in existence. I followed them all over the world, even in Latvia for Eurovision. I have gathered a lot of material, which in its harshness and censorial lack of self-control, is not acceptable for any of the Russian channels. But I really don’t want to cut this material (such as bad language, episodes concerned with the use of narcotics, etc) because that will change the structure of the movie. And the fact that I am free and don’t owe anything to anybody, helped me a lot." will continue following the development of this project.

Source: (by material of Telegraph, Latvia)
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