t.A.T.u. Return to Japan. Uproar in the Arrivals Lobby.

Time of publication: 01.11.2003 (11:11)
The chaotic Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. arrived in Narita on the 25th, on an ANA flight from Hong Kong, where they had been working. They aim to carry out promotions for the concerts that they will hold at Tokyo Dome on December 1st and 2nd. Scuffles broke out between members of the press corps and security guards hired by the company who invited t.A.T.u. to visit, and photography equipment was broken in the ensuing chaos. Their return visit has resulted in turbulence from the very outset.

The two girls, who trod on Japanese soil for the first time in 117 days, seemed tired, having only just finished a concert in Hong Kong. While their producer, Ivan Shapovalov, was filling in their immigration cards at passport control, Lena and Yulia slumped down onto the floor and looked utterly exhausted.

About an hour later, the two girls appeared at the arrivals gate surrounded by a dozen or so muscular guys of around 1.8 metres tall, who looked like private security guards, and one woman. The arrivals lobby was momentarily thrown into chaos as the men, who were dressed in black, pinioned the arms of some photographers trying to take pictures, tackled others and hit the strobe flashes of their cameras. Observing the tumult out of the corners of their eyes, the duo wandered off at their own pace, as usual, and left without making any comment to reporters.

On the 26th, they are due to participate in a festival at a private university in the capital, while on the 27th they are scheduled to visit the sponsors of their first concert in Japan. They hope to rehabilitate their image, which was tarnished during their last visit to Japan, in June, when they selfishly left a TV studio in the middle of a live broadcast. However, the chaos that accompanied the very start of their return visit makes us wonder whether there might not be the risk of further trouble.

Source: Sports Nippon
Special thanks to LenochkaO.
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