Lena returns to Moscow alone

Time of publication: 02.11.2003 (11:18)
The Russian chaos-merchants t.A.T.u. were due to return home on the 29th, but Yulia (18) and the duo's producer Ivan Shapovalov (37) suddenly cancelled their return. Lena (19) boarded the Aeroflot flight from Narita alone at 13:00.

At Narita, Lena, surrounded by her entourage, gave a wry grin as she said, "Yulia has fallen completely in love with Tokyo." At 19:00, after checking out from his hotel, Ivan told the assembled press corps, "I haven't been sleeping much because of the time difference. Yulia woke up at 13:00 and I slept till 18:00. We're going home tomorrow (30th)." He then went to another hotel. Apparently, Lena had gone back to Moscow to meet her lover. The real reason for the sudden cancellation was just that they overslept - what chaos these two cause!

Source: Sports Nippon
Special thanks to LenochkaO.
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