t.A.T.u. – girl spent two days at the market

Time of publication: 05.11.2003 (21:55)
Yulia Volkova and t.A.T.u. producer Ivan Shapovalov stayed in Japan a few more days. On her return to Moscow, Yulia went to a market in order to get some winter clothes in her stock. Together with her father Oleg, Yulia spent both Saturday and Sunday searching for an appropriate jacket. On the way back from Japan, Yulia called immediately to her parents and then to Lena Katina telling her long story about the time spent in Tokyo.

Yulia noticed that it was getting cold in Moscow and decided to equip her clothing stock with some winter garments. Followed by her father who acted as her bodyguard and her advisor, Yulia set off to one of the Moscow commercial centres where she usually did her shopping. Yulia couldn’t find anything valuable for her in Tokyo: she didn’t finds any suitable clothes and the prices were rather high there too. Instead, she always found something for her taste at the Moscow market, reports Zhizn. Appearing at high life parties, she doesn’t advertise the origin of her dresses though.

Yulia spent two days shopping where she tried a number of warm pullovers and skirts, consulting her father sometimes. Oleg held Yulia’s purse during the time when Yulia tried the garments. Finally Yulia chose a warm pink fur jacket. Yulia paid $300 for her new jacket and even agreed to be photographed together with the sales-man as a memory.

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