t.A.T.u. presented their new song Nichya (Nobody’s)!

Time of publication: 13.11.2003 (18:27)
Today, The Total Show and MTV Russia were presenting awards for the Show Me Love contest. This contest was announced by t.A.T.u. Its main award is a trip to the group's concert in Japan. The awards were given by Yulia and Lena personally. The girls chose two of the most interesting videos. The authors of these videos will be digging the t.A.T.u. concert in Tokyo on December, 1st. Aside from the awards, the audience was granted with the first time presentation of the group’s new song "Nichya". Yulia and Lena made an effort to cause a scandal in order to follow their image of a scandalous group but failed doing it. Yulia and Lena brought something for their fans too – photos that will appear in the press in the nearest future. Today, the pictures were given to a person from the audience in a studio who asked the most interesting question.

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t.A.T.u.’s new song is called “Ty Nichya”?
Today a rumor went around through electronic newspapers, that t.A.T.u.'s new song is going to be called "Ty Nichya". Like we reported earlier, Yulia Volkova did not have to go through surgery. Her vocal chords will not be removed. The best doctors in Moscow observed Yulia for over a week. In the end, the professionals said that the operation could be delayed until this summer. Yulia was very excited by the news. As she reported to a journalist of "Zhyzn": "Medical treatment and rest did their job, I guess. I had to constantly rinse my throat with disgusting solutions! The doctors were surprised that my throat was more or less back to normal in such a short period of time. I myself begged Vanya to resume our work." "I looked into her shining eyes, and I knew, that we had to go to the studio, to record a new song," said Shapovalov. "I went only under one condition, that Yulia would not scream like mad. Anyway, step by step we recorded the new song 'Ty Nichya'." We tried to find out how trustworthy this information is, but so far we have not got any results.
After reading the song's title, I remembered Elena Kiper's new project "Nichya", who left Tatu in April 2002. "'Nichya' is the real title of the song. The song came out on the Internet one and half years ago, under the title of "Ne Glotat" ("Ya Ne Glotayu"), and on pirate versions of Tatu albums under the title of "Ty Soshel S Uma".

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Preliminary lyrics of the song
Zа to, chto propаdаyut mechty
Zа to, chtob tudа, gde ty
Ty znаesh' menya,
Ya vsyo promenyayu,
Lyubye otdаm mechty.
Profil' i аnfаs
Zhivymi voz'mut ne nаs.
My otvernemsya -
My ved' vernemsya,
My ne poslednij rаz.
Tol'ko ty znаesh' ya
Ochen' hochu tebya...
Ya ved' teper'... nich'ya!
Prosto e'to refleks
Nаsh neprаvil'nyj seks.
Ili slovаmi,
Chto-to slomаli
Ili sovrаli bez.
Strаh odinokih glаz
Nikto ne pojdyot zа nаs
Kаzhdyj odin
Ne uhodi!
My ne poslednij rаz.
Tol'ko ty znаesh' ya
Ochen' hochu tebya!
Ya ved' teper'... nich'ya

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