t.A.T.u. showed Simple Motions to the Japanese audience

Time of publication: 03.12.2003 (18:48)
t.A.T.u. prepared for their very first concert in Japan with a great sense of responsibility. They rehearsed a lot and allowed themselves to take a short break only just before the concert. During the concert, Lena and Yulia spoke to the audience using a few Japanese words and during the song Simple Motions, Yulia unzipped her overall and put her hand inside her trousers. At the same time, their uncensored version of the video to Simple Motions was shown on the stage screens. Every time, there was a picture of a topless Yulia on the screens, the audience went wild and every time Yulia and Lena approached closer to the audience, the fans called their names and stretched their hands with the cameras to take the pictures.

Yulia’s father took it calmly. “It’s just their work – to entertain the audience. If the audience needs to get surprised – to do it showing the beauty is the best way,” said Oleg Viktorovich.

The fans appeared at the gig wearing the famous t.A.T.u. school uniform but Yulia and Lena had something totally different on: especially for the show, the girls ordered jean overalls, white footwear and boots.

The gig continued for one and a half hours instead of two and a half as it had been initially announced. The time was shortened due to Yulia’s health: she fell ill just a few days before the concert. The show turned out to be a real success: “Robbie Williams may take a break,” commented the organisers.

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