t.A.T.u. filled the concert hall only to its half

Time of publication: 03.12.2003 (23:33)
t.A.T.u. disappointed its Japanese fans. The Tokyo arena of 50.000 places was filled only to its half capacity. Not so many Japanese fans wanted to see the first of the group’s two concerts. The present visit of t.A.T.u. to Japan was somehow troubled from the very beginning. The group cancelled several interviews and refused to rehearse. The reason placed was the t.A.T.u. wished not to leave the hotel. Naturally the fans got upset by this and were worried about the gigs. Yulia and Lena were late for the concert by 15 minutes. What an unpleasant surprise waited for the audience when t.A.T.u. left the stage after less than one hour. With all that, the ticket prices were rather high. These two concerts in Tokyo is only the beginning of the group’s World Tour “Show Me Love”.

Source: MTV Russia
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