t.A.T.u. - Lena passed out in Japan

Time of publication: 04.12.2003 (17:14)
After the second of t.A.T.u.’s concerts in the Japanese Arena Tokyo Dome, Lena suddenly fell unconscious. Yulia Volkova and a school friend of Lena’s Nastya failed to catch the girl - her body simply slipped down from the chair to the floor. Yulia and Nastya tried to bring her back to consciousness: spurted some cold bottled water to her face and fanned her with some towels. Nevertheless no one called for the doctor. "She passes out rather often lately. So, no need for a doctor. I think that it will go over soon and she’ll feel better. But you can hep us to bring her to the fresh air!" said Yulia.

Yulia didn’t feel well, but in spite of Ivan Shapovalov's request, Japanese organizers refused to postpone the concert. Lena had to take part in a TV-show alone while the doctors tried to reduce Yulia’s fever. Before going out on stage, Yulia was given fever-reducing medicine and could perform the first three songs without any problems. After that she got worse again and she told to the organisers that she couldn’t sing any more. The show programme had to be shortened down and the security got orders to follow every movement of Yulia’s. The band on stage tried to make the pauses between the songs longer to give some time to rest for the girls, reports the Zhizn. The audience noticed that something strange was going on on stage and got worried. At this moment, Yulia decided to act and found an original way out: she invited on stage a homosexual young man who was dressed in a famous t.A.T.u. school uniform. The young man didn’t hesitate and danced to the song Malchik-Gay with enthusiasm.

After the gig, t.A.T.u. and their tour crew gathered in a dressing room to celebrate the end of this tremendous Japanese tour. When everybody was joking and laughing, Lena fainted again. Luckily, the girl could be brought back to consciousness all at once.

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