Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina speak about …

Time of publication: 09.12.2003 (07:52)
Yulia Volkova
About jealousy
“… Jealousy is awful. I understood with the time – why to be jealous? Before I didn’t understand and became jealous. I was simply insecure about myself earlier. Though it was long time ago. It went over. Now I’m not falling into jealousy.”
About t.A.T.u.
”If I were a fan, I’d trustfully follow t.A.T.u. We give self-confidence. We give a sort of positive emotions… If to look at our group from the outside, I see nothing negative in our group. It’s not because of me and Lena. This group gives strength to people.”
About fame
”I don’t have any problems with being popular. I feel free everywhere. I’m trying not to force myself and not to make myself to do the things. Though, sometimes there are moments when I get enough but I understand such moments. Why, f..k, to, f..king, worry, when at the end no one, f..king, cares about anything. Everything works,, out in a bloody tremendous way! When you are exasperated – you begin to drive yourself crazy, etc.”

Lena Katina
About the future career of a psychologist
"I don’t want to become a psychologist who is digging in another people’s problems. I simply want to… I find it interesting and I find it very useful. Useful for me, in the first hand. When people close to me, come to me with their problems, I’m trying to help them using my knowledge."
About fame
"Fame takes a part of your freedom. You feel a constant attention from the outside and get tired of it. Of course, it’s flattering when so many people just love you, but then you find yourself in a situation where you just want to be alone and get a break. To feel completely relaxed, without seeing people pointing with their fingers to you all the time, is possible only at home. It’s not always I can feel myself completely relaxed.”
Molotok #47, 2003

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