The documentary Anatomy of t.A.T.u. will be shown cut by 17 seconds of the final scene

Time of publication: 12.12.2003 (00:00)
The first run of the Vitaly Mansky’s picture Anatomy of t.A.T.u. will be shown on STS channel on December, 12. According to Vitaly no one of the previous characters of his documentaries placed such a list of demands on censorship as the t.A.T.u.’s camp.

”I agreed on two firm requests – removed 17 seconds of the final scenes, though I think the scenes were very colourful and straight forward, and concealed the face of one person – a direct participant of the documentary.” – said Vitaly in the interview to radio station Eho Moskvy. – “Another requests were denied right away and the audience will have a chance to see the picture in it’s pure form – as it’s supposed to be seen. Sooner or later, maybe in 2-3 years or maybe in 5 years, the audience will see the final sequence too because any documentary is a history of our lives.”

“While making the movie, I was surprised a whole deal by the scenes I was witnessing – particularly a great life experience of two 18-years old girls. Looking at these singers, I was thinking of the reigns, those had to carry the responsibility to rule the whole country at the age of 15, 16 and 18. I see a sort of analogue here, because such an inadequate weight to be carried on the young shoulders leads to abnormal phenomena in the life of the main characters” – added Vitaly Mansky.

The director, from his own words, didn’t want to press any opinion on audience but instead tried to make the film in such a way that every person could draw his or her own conclusion of what was going on on the screen. For instance, according to the results from the first smaller runs of the movie, people take different positions towards actions of Yulia’s and Lena’s parents. “Some of them see the parents’ position as exploitative, that make a profit on their own children. Some think that the parents are absolutely right to choose this pragmatic way – as a sign of their concern about the future of their own children, that will soon stop getting big money and will be forced to use the harvest of the present days to support themselves for the rest of their lives.”

Regarding the girls’ shocking behaviour, Mansky thinks that “Russia experiences the stage when, people are ready to sacrifice a little of themselves, for the sake of a probable profitable affair. The first sacrifice is an innocent kiss in the video Ya Soshla S Uma (All The Things She Said). During the race of trying to stay on top of the show-business, the main characters will be forced to take another serious steps. This is the beauty of their producer Ivan Shapovalov, who always finds unique ways, as playing a game with the reality, which became a winning concept.

The documentary will be aired at 23.00. The late show time forced the director to obey some Russian media laws connected with the usage of “over-expressive” vocabulary. “Working with the sound, we had to remove parts of words, sometimes we removed whole words. Formally, we followed the law and there won’t be any fully comprehensible parts of cursing. Though, some people use their speech in such a bright manner that any Russian speaking person from the age of 7 won’t have any problems to understand what has been said on the screen”, said Mansky.

”Regarding the famous anti-war t-shirts, we didn’t censor anything as it’s up to STS how to deal with it”, added the director.

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