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Time of publication: 13.12.2003 (03:05)
On the 12th of December, the premier of Vitaly Mansky’s documentary about group t.A.T.u. The Anatomy of t.A.T.u. aired on television via the STS channel. The film was very anticipated and talked about. The interest in artists’ lives and scandals behind the scenes never fails. The question is - will the film succeed in presenting it? Unfortunately not. The constant and candid presence of the cameras gave rise to acting and unrealism in the film. Nevertheless, despite all of this, the film will shock most of the fans.

The format of the film – a collection of monologues, dialogues and general scenes. The actions take place behind the scenes of the tours in the US, England and on the Eurovision contest.

The film portrays the everyday lives of the t.A.T.u. girls. To name one, it suggests how Julia and Lena are not lesbians, that they've never been such and never thought about being that way before the project. It’s all just a myth, a clever image. Julia, for one, as it is implied, has a boyfriend named Pasha, who follows her everywhere.

Both girls were baptized. Lena visits church regularly and confesses her sins. Lena admits that most of the things she has to do are sins. Julia, on the other hand, is ready to do anything to be popular. She isn’t afraid of anything apart from loneliness. Lena is shyer, and she says she would never have sex with anyone in front of the cameras.

Drugs – they are an indisputable part of the girls’ lives. Julia talks about her heroin use, with scenes of Ivan Shapovalov and Beata Ardeeva smoking pot. Julia and Lena can not refuse the pleasures of smoking regular cigarettes, though it may negatively affect their voices.

The film tells that Julia had problems with her voice for a long period of time, which nearly killed the group. Besides this, Julia admitted that she also had an unwanted pregnancy, and she was forced to have an abortion.

This is by far not all of what the girls and other people involved in Tatu have spoken about, and what the film showed. There are a lot more scenes and parts of the film, which we will not reveal! The film is a must to see!!

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