Vitaly Mansky will continue filming t.A.T.u.!

Time of publication: 14.12.2003 (19:07)
On December, 13, Vitaly Mansky gave an interview to the radio station Echo Moskvy where he shared his thought about his newly released documentary The Anatomy of t.A.T.u. and revealed some of his future plans.

Reporter: Yesterday, there was a film The Anatomy of t.A.T.u. … was it the title?
Mansky: Yes.
R: It was shown by the first entertainment channel STS. By the way, I didn’t see it in the TV programme schedule. Maybe it was shown only through the net?
M: No, it stood in the schedule.
R: I knew it will be broadcasted but didn’t know at what time but could catch it anyway. Everything seen produced, of course, a tremendous impression. Not your personal artistic work, but the essence – everything I thought came out true. According to the reviews I read about your work I thought you were filming mostly a sort of home-video – a naked soul in a naked world, no decorations – everything as it is.
M: It’s called a reality cinema.
R: The camera follows the character and that’s all. Maybe there’s a certain meaning in this kind of method. Especially when we are speaking about some cult figures – here we have it all, the magic and a disclosure. Did you have this aim to disclose or did you want to tell us about something beautiful and soft?
M: The reality is always a disclosure. Always! It’s because every person creates an image, which is not always for real. The word “disclosure” isn’t a revealing in itself – isn’t a sort of negativity. To my opinion, it’s a sort of … writing down a history, picturing the present time.
R: How soon the filmed people get used to the presence of the camera if you work inside an apartment, in their homes?
M: If everything goes fine – about 5-10 minutes.
R: That was very soon. So they behave naturally?
M: It’s because I’m working alone.
R: You mean that there’s no filming team that goes around and crapping down the carpets?
M: Never. I enter the apartment alone with the camera on.
R: Here, everything should be build on an absolute trust.
M: Of course!
R: Nevertheless, there should be some preliminary work anyway?
M: Absolutely. Either a complete trust or some kind of contract relationship. For instance, working with t.A.T.u., I sighned a contract first and only then began to film.
R: Did t.A.T.u. have any taboos?
M: How strange it may seem but they have. You know, they are so open people, so brave, so provocative … but after – when the documentary was ready, they placed some wishes -, I won’t specify their demands here, - wishes those were bigger that in the movies portraying the presidents. I didn’t give a *** about wishes and demands neither here nor there.
R: Didn’t you agree to compromise at all?
M: I agreed to compromise once. It’s because t.A.T.u.’s producer tried to blackmail, using threats to cancel the future friendly cooperation, required to remove 17 seconds of the final scenes. I agreed to do it.
R: Do you keep those 17 seconds?
M: Of course, I keep it for myself. Later on, when either this will be a full reality or not very important for them, I’ll bring back those 17 seconds.
R: The last question. Personally from me. It’s about your future plans, Vitaly. What are they? Maybe you can tell us?
M: I’m trying myself in the genre of the reality show and launching …
R: “Behind the glass”?
M: Yes, launching Behind The Glass, where there will be group t.A.T.u. behind that glass.
R: t.A.T.u.? So you fell in love with them for some time now?
M: I fell in love with them for the next 3 months.
R: Oh, my! Where are you going to “place” them?
M: To the penthouse of the Pekin Hotel in Moscow – a huge 200 square metres glass room with a 15-meters high ceiling. During the coming 3 months, they’ll be recording their new album. It will be the main subject of the reality show.
R: …but they are swearing all the time?!
M: Yes, swearing. Maybe, they’ll be swearing less then – we will be “beeping” over their swearing. Then, they are working somehow at their behaviour too.

Source: (by material of Echo Moskvy)
Special thanks to oblakovshtanah.
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