Group Tatu to become presidents of Russian Federation. As a Duo.

Time of publication: 24.12.2003 (18:38)
The scandalous Russian duo has got their eyes on the post of the president of the Russian Federation.

"On 27th of December at 12.00 in the Palace of Moscow Youth people will be able to sign to support Tatu to become on of the candidates to the post of the president of Russian Federation ", - was said in the press-release centre of “Neformat”.

As to the reason why Tatu want to become the president of Russian Federation, there is no information.

"Group Tatu are aiming to become the president of Russian Federation full speed. And we can’t separate the girls", - said PR-manager of “Neformat”, Sasha Tityanko.

"First we have to get 500 signatures, is order to become a candidate, and then we’ll see", - said Ms. Tityanko.

Although, it is not yet clear how Tatu are going to over come the “age requirement”. According to the federation law since 10th of January 2003 N 19-FЗ "On electing president of Russian Federation", the age restriction to become a candidate is 35 years old. On the other hand, if you add the girls’ age together, you will get abou 35 years old.

Also, we don’t know how the girls will become the president as a duo. Duos are not foreseen as candidates.

So, the government will have to deny the girls’ new idea to become Russian president no matter how many signatures they will collect.

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