Lena Kiper is going to live on t.A.T.u.’s money

Time of publication: 15.01.2004 (23:24)
As IMPR (the official representative of group Nichya on the internet) informs, the soap opera with its head title “Lena Kiper versus t.A.T.u.” has ended up. Lena Kiper has been trying to defend her rights to the songs Ya Soshla S Uma (All The Things She Said) and Nas Ne Dogonyat (Not Gonna Get Us), during past several months with the help of her lawyer Alexey Shulga. During this period of time, there were seven court sessions scheduled, where more than half of them were cancelled. The file was filled up with the documents where the authorship for the album 200 Po Vstrechnoy (200 km/h In A Wrong Lane) fare was mentioned. The sum specified was 2 250 000 USD. This very sum was meant to be received by the group’s management last spring to pass to the authors, in accordance with their contract clauses, but the management failed to do it. Having received the payment, the group’s management kept it.

The last court session took place on December, 29 2003 and ended up with nothing. That forced Kiper’s lawyer to recommend an aggressive method and sue Neformat for the swindle, having based such claims on the received documents. Only after that, Lena Kiper was offered a significant sum of money, which is apparently waiting for Miss Kiper at a notary. All Miss Kiper needs to do now is to visit the notary, receive the money and drop her charges.

Thinking of the fact that her Nichya project has her only financial support, it’s not that difficult to figure out that the probability of that Miss Kiper will drop the charges is near 100%.

IMPR presented scans of the documents, enclosed to the court file that can be viewed here and here.

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