Tatu in “Podnebesnaya”: Were there girls?

Time of publication: 20.01.2004 (00:51)
The new reality show “Tatu in Podnebesnaya” just started on STS.

One of my friends said, that he will watch the reality show on one condition: if he’ll actually be able to spy on the group members. Meaning that they won’t just show moments of them eating, watching television, talking on the phone, but everything: from morning shower to evening sex. Otherwise it’ll not be a reality show, but a boring staged performance with bad actors in main roles.

The new project of Tatu in Podnebesnaya started rather suddenly. The girls were not shown in the first episode! Lena and Julia appeared near the ending, to change their clothes into white and have a quarrel with the photographer. The rest of the time, the audience was entertained by producer Shapovalov. He tediously explained, that being in “Podnebesnaya” is not being in the sky, and not being on the earth either, but being somewhere in the air, although in actually in the air at the same time... Singer Penkin who came in for a visit, seemed as though he had now clue why he was invited. The heads of STS – Podnyansky and Tsekalo – were also in the dark. Tsekalo sadly inquired: where are the girl, the girls are supposed to be here? To which Shapovalov disarmingly replied: the girls are not here! They also showed some unknown people after that, who were laughing and talking about something. Why didn’t they warn us, that “Tatu in Podnebesnaya” – is just a meditating project of Shapovalov, in which he will inform us about his observations?

Source: Konsomolskaya Pravda (Natalia Voloshyna)
Translated by katbeidar for
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