Tatu in Podnebesnaya: The girls couldn’t split the money with their producer

Time of publication: 22.01.2004 (13:42)
In the next broadcast of “Tatu in Podnebesnaya” the viewers will be informed how much Tatu girls earn while working in “Podnebesnaya”.

Channel STS, which started the broadcasting this reality show for one reason only, discovered and intends to let its viewers know the financial position of this girly duo. The thing is, Tatu are the only Russian project that earned a lot of money in the West. They sold nearly 7 million albums, sell out tickets to huge arena’s in capitals all over the world, and after a successful breakout in the East their earnings will only increase. According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, currently Tatu have earned over 300 million dollars!

STS reports, that the viewers will find out the secrets of the Tatu phenomenon, which allows them to earn the money. According to the producers, they can discover a lot of this from the project on how to earn money in show-business: about contracts, author rights, renting of huge arenas for concerts and hotels.

But this is not the only intriguing part of the next episode. According to “KP”, the young Tatu girls are going to “leave” their producer Ivan Shapovalov! As we all know, money is able to start a fight even between the best friends. In seems as though the dilemma about «whether it’s possible to split 300 million dollars and remain partners» was resolved negatively by Tatu. It’s very likely that the money was the reason why the girls had a fight with their inspiration and teacher and threatened him that they want to find another “leader”. Whether the clever and tricky Ivan Shapovalov be able to change the girls’ mind and put them on the right track, the viewers will find out in the next episode of the reality show.

Source: Natalia Voloshyna from KP
Translated by katbeidar for
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