Tatu in Podnebesnaya: There is no danger of Tatu’s project in Podnebesnaya to result in a failure!

Time of publication: 23.01.2004 (13:44)
Channel STS will continue to broadcast Tatu reality show “In Podnebesnaya” this weekend, which is dedicated to the recording of Tatu’s next album live. The next broadcasts are on 24th and 25th of January at 8:00pm. Rumors about troubles with the project surfaced after the first broadcasts on 17th and 18th of January. In the Saturday broadcast the girls from Tatu appeared on the screen for no more then five minutes – had a fight with the photographer and left, on top of that, according to some sources, this incident was recorded a long time ago when nobody even planned the reality show yet. Most of the program showed Tatu’s producer Ivan Shapovalov, thoughtfully discussing irrelevant topics. On Sunday, 18th of January, "Tatu in Podnebesnaya" wasn’t broadcasted at all, replaced by Vitalyi Mansky’s documentary film about the group “Anatomy of Tatu”. As Tatu’s press-attachй Aleksandr Tityanko informed InterMedia, that happened only due to technical problems: the films prepated for the second broadcasting of the show were of bad quality, and they were decided not to be shown. According to Tityanko, there are some problems in the relationship between Shapovalov and managers of STS, but "there are not conflicts that can end the project". It’s just that Shapovalov and the management of STS have different views on how Tatu’s reality show in Podnebesnaya should be like. What their arguments lead them to can be seen in the next broadcasting of Tatu’s reality show this weekend. Julia and Lena, most likely, will appear a bit more this time, since they do visit Podnebesnaya two to three hours every day. "This is a very unpredictable project,” - says Aleksandr Tityanko. – “Nevertheless, the album is being recorded, and potential authors are arriving". One song is almost ready, and the sons author is not one of the contestants who sent in the lyrics, but the leader of group “7B” – Ivan Dimyan. The composition was not intended for the duo, but producer Ivan Shapovalov decided that it suite the girls after having a listen of it.”

Source: InterMedia
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