Tatu girls want to switch bodies

Time of publication: 24.01.2004 (01:45)
The girls from the Russian pseudo-lesbian duo Tatu, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova, were recently offered to pose nude for the American magazine Playboy. Producer of the group, Ivan Shapovalov, was overjoyed, but Julia and Lena refused to pose nude. But Shapovalov quickly found a solution to the problem.

Producer of Tatu had a genius idea: to use models’ bodies during the photo-sessions. Beautiful girls were invited to audition in hotel “Pekin”, writes “Zheltaya Gazeta”. There they were met by a young man named Igor, who introduces himself as Tatu’s administrator. He asked the girls to show him their portfolios and then announced.

"You are invited to a big photo-session for the American magazine Playboy. You will be photographed absolutely naked, but don’t worry: in the magazine your faces will be changed to those of Lena and Julia. And all of this will only be published in the American edition. The girls who will be suited for this photo-session will receive 200 dollars", - said Igor.

One of the girls who took part in this weird audition shared her thoughts: "The young man took notice of me right away. Igor and his assistant noticed my tattoo which is similar to the one Julia has. I was immediately offered to take my clothes off and become “Julia’s body”. I refused to do that. Because I sensed that something wasn’t right. As a result of the audition, Igor and his assistant chose three models whose body shaped resembled those of Julia and Lena the most."

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