t.A.T.u. didn’t "get accustomed" in Podnebesnaya

Time of publication: 30.01.2004 (03:02)
The reality-show t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya started on the television channel STS on January, 17. The organizers of the show promised, that it won’t be boring: unrevealed details, distinguished guests, communication with the fans, the process of the material selection and the new album recording - all this was planned to happen in front of the TV - audience. Nevertheless, the t.A.T.u.-girls haven’t managed yet to start the recording of the disk, since there’s not enough material. As for meeting the celebrities, the girls are simply not enough organized. For example, when Joseph Kobzon was about to visit “the inhabitants” of Podnebesnaya, Yulia and Lena weren’t simply there. The idea to socialise with their producer Ivan Shapovalov instead didn’t appeal to him.

Recording of the album isn’t going that smoothly either: Yulia and Lena admitted that they are not ready to begin the recording yet. To rescue the situation, the girls had to record “Zashishatsya Ochkami” , which is the song of the singer of group 7B Ivan Demyan. “Everything that we have is very raw yet. To bring the material to the right condition, we need more time. It’s possible that even the airing time won’t be enough. We hoped to find talented poets and composers, that could make some money on their material but we could choose only a few suggestions out of a thousand. They weren’t super either. We’ll continue looking for”, said t.A.T.u.

“The leading of STS and Ivan Shapovalov failed to reach any consensus when it comes to the way the show should look like”, writes Tsvetnoy Televisor magazine. “No, they didn’t reach it at the end. Apparently, the concept of the project is an absence of the mutual opinion. Anyway, the TV-audience is still left a chance to follow an attempt to record the album. That’s right, “an attemp”, because I’m not sure that the album will happen at the end. Shapovalov has announced that the album will be ready on March, 14. Thus, the group has 52 days to complete it. If there’s enough material, this period is enough, but only if it will be worked on every day”, told Vitaly Mansky, a documentary director, who has been working with t.A.T.u. for several years now.

Mansky also says that he’ll be participating in the show only if everything in it will be sincere: “When Shapovalov got this idea of the reality-show t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya, he didn’t seem to realise that it would be that hard. Nevertheless, he still assures that there won’t be any tricks made for the show, only the truth of the life. So we’ll see. Otherwise I’ll leave the project”.

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