Universal Music Russia releases a unique edition of the first compilation of Remixes

Time of publication: 07.02.2004 (16:45)
At the end of February, Universal Music Russia is going to release a unique edition of the first compilation of Remixes. The similar edition was released in Japan at the end of the last year, where it caused a furore among the fans of Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina. Three version of this new edition will simultaneously be released in Russia. The Remixes will also contain famous in the world compositions Prostye Dvizhenia (Simple Moves) and Ne Ver, Ne Boisya (Don’t Trust, Don’t Fear). The exclusive version will consist of three discs – 2 audio CD, 1 DVD and a unique booklet with the t.A.T.u.’s autographs. This version of the edition is limited!

Source: Universal Music Russia
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