Tatu will sing with Rammstein

Time of publication: 19.02.2004 (01:52)
Director of group Tatu Sergey Bobza is now negotiating with famous German group Rammstein to record a song. Germans have shown interest to Tatu girls after having seen their performance at Eurovision. The musicians liked Lena and Yulia so much that it gave them the idea of a joint project.

"The representative of the German group will arrive this week to show us a song that they suggest to record in common. It has not been played anywhere and i don't know what it sounds like. I only know that the composition is about Moscow."

Members of group Rammstein have imagined all the details, composed the song and then sent it to Tatu's management, newspaper "Life" writes. Negotiations should take place next week, but the trip of Lena Katina and Sergey Bobza to Singapore could change the schedule.

Let's remind that group Tatu has won the "Breakthrough of the year" award at MTV Asia Awards in Singapore. The names of the nomination and the winner will be engraved on a figurine that will arrive in Moscow in approximately a month.

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