Shapovalov is in Podnebesnaya, not Tatu

Time of publication: 18.02.2004 (02:52)
Group Tatu decided to break off from their producer Ivan Shapovalov. Having accused Shapovalov of all of the mortal sins on their reality show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya", the girls of the duo Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina stood up to their words. They sent a fax to OOO "Neformat", informing us about their will to break the contracts. At the present time, Tatu girls spend a lot of time talking to their lawyers, who provide them with juridical support. According to Alexandra Tityanko, "Neformat's" media agent, Tatu's lawyers will need to do a lot of work to succeed in what they attempt to do. The conditions of the current contract are such that in case they leave, the girls cannot claim the title of "Tatu" (Neformat owns these rights) nor the profits from album sales. According to Tityanko, OOO "Neformat" has to respond to the notification made by Volkova and Katina within 60 days. Neformat's executive director, Sergey Bobza, is working on this response already.

Overall the situation seems quite complicated. Tatu girls do not talk to Shapovalov and absolutely refuse to show up in Podnebesnaya, their studio in the penthouse of Peking Hotel. Thus, the name of the STS show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya" has practically lost its meaning: the studio is usually occupied by Ivan Shapovalov, his partners and other artists, working with Neformat - Ivan Demyan, Katya Nechayeva and some new projects, etc. A collection of songs called "Podnebesnaya" is being made which will include songs of Tatu, 7B, Katya Nechayeva and other unknown groups who sent their songs for the second Tatu's album. Meanwhile, Elena Katina went to Singapore's MTV Asia Awards. What's interesting is that she was accompanied by Sergey Bobza, the executive director of Neformat, the company which Tatu girls seemingly want to leave. Yulia Volkova refused to fly to Singapore. Nevertheless, both girls keep in touch with Neformat, except for its general director Ivan Shapovalov. How long this situation of "neither peace, nor war" is going to last, no-one can say.

Meanwhile, the show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya", filmed by Vitaly Mansky, is set to continue. As Alexandra Tityanko said, "STS [is not disapointed by] what is going on around the group." In this conflict Mansky sees a reflection of real life, which is interesting to broadcast on TV. Apart from filming Shapovalov's team in Podnebesnaya, the crew is now filming practically every step of Yulia and Lena. They film them at home and on the street. Later, the director arranges the footage to reflect the positions of the two - barely - opposing sides.

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