Tatu girl Lena left the house

Time of publication: 21.02.2004 (06:34)
Member of group Tatu Lena Katina has recently fulfilled a dream: she bought an apartment for herself in the center of Moscow. For a long time the girls did not have enough time and money to seriously look into buying real estate. But now that the Tatu girls no longer appear in "Podnebesnaya", Lena had the opportunity to concentrate on this matter.

Lena Katina contacted a real estate agency where one of her relatives works. The contract with the agency was made at the beginning of the year, the newspaper "Life" writes. They have already found a suitable one-bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow for Lena, and this week she became the legal owner of the habitation.

Lena conducted the matter herself and even though her mum accompanied her to all business meetings, Lena chose an apartment relying only on her taste. Lena approached this serious question very responsibly. The real estate agency reports that she behaved very modestly and obviously does not suffer from star fever.

While Lena was dealing with this matter, her friend Andrey was always with her. He drove the girl around and tried to protect her from the increased attention of journalists in every possible way.

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