Tatu girl Yulia conquers America

Time of publication: 10.03.2004 (18:01)
Member of scandalous duet Tatu Yulia Volkova has received an offer from an agent of a known Hollywood film studio. While the other Tatu girl Lena Katina intends to seriously study to become a lawyer, Yulia doesn't want to leave show business and has gladly accepted the Americans' offer.

After Yulia and Lena broke off their contract with Ivan Shapovalov, they had a lot of free time and the girls used it to deal with their problems. Lena Katina bought an apartment, and Yulia Volkova has been working on her career plans, newspaper "Life" writes.

Yulia got many offers to participate in musical projects, but she didn't want to take fast decisions and gave no final answers to anyone.

But when Tatu girl was offered a role in a new big project, she gave her agreement after two days of negotiations.

In this new Hollywood film which will resemble Quentin Tarantino's last movie "Kill Bill", Yulia Volkova should play a reckless girl from time to time reincarnating in [don't know that word] character.

Yulia took this decision herself and didn't discuss it with anyone. Neither Ivan Shapovalov nor the manager of the group knew anything about this. Even to friends and relatives, Yulia has only said that she will go to the USA for a month to do the shooting.

Next to the Tatu girl, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek and other celebrities may appear in this movie. At least, they've been contacted for a part but it's unknown if any of them has agreed to participate in the project.

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