"Tatu in Podnebesnaya": the end of the game

Time of publication: 13.03.2004 (02:25)
On 11 March, Ivan Shapovalov, former producer of scandalous group Tatu and creator of the show Tatu in Podnebesnaya, had invited all the participants in the project, some guests, and journalists in hotel Peking. The occasion was that the project Tatu in Podnebesnaya had come to an end, but without the Tatu girls themselves.

Ivan Shapovalov had invited both unknown and famous people, not related to music. For example, writer Edward Limonov and artist Oleg Kulik who were invited by Shapovalov have never been really interested in Tatu's music. As usual with Ivan Shapovalov and as he proudly announced at the beginning of the evening, everything happened with no prepared scenario. Holding a microphone, he joyfully talked about the absence of present, past, future and time in general. Then, followed closely by a cameraman, he went from guest to guest in Podenebasnaya and abruptly asked them questions like "Who are you?" or "Are you engaged?" The faces of the persons interrogated, sometimes replaced by Space-TV staff, were shown in close-ups and projected directly on the walls of Podenebasnaya.

Once the first part of the guests was interrogated, Ivan Shapovalov called a small break: he wanted to present to the guests a song from the Podnebesnaya collection that was recorded during Tatu in Podnebesnaya. The first track of the collection was the immortal monologue of the call-guy from Robert Rodriguez's film From Dusk To Dawn", set in music. The song turned out energetic enough. Then the presentation of guests continued, among them were many journalists, including some foreigners, and some young musicians. The second track of the Podenebasnaya collection is a song by Tatu about bunnies and squirrels, obviously recorded before the quarrel between the girls and Shapovalov. Ivan did not make any comments on the absence of the Tatu girls except to say "Only stupid viewers need the girls". Only one foreigner who didn't understand the event mentioned the girls though.

While i was in Posnebesnaya everything followed the same pattern: presentation of guests alternated with demonstration of the musical creations of the participants in the collection. Some songs were very bright and catchy, some visitors were amusing and direct. All in all i did not have the time to get bored, maybe because I left Podnebesnaya early enough. On the other hand, the most interesting from Shapovalov could happen later. For example, the presentation of the long-awaited Tatu's second album.

All hopes lie on the TV now: on 14 March at 23:00 channel STS will show the ending of Tatu in Posnebesnaya. I think, it will be interesting.

Irina Krot

Translated by haku for
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