Elena Kiper offered partnership to the new management of group Tatu

Time of publication: 28.03.2004 (07:44)
Elena Kiper offered the new management of Tatu a brilliant concept for the second album as well as for the new hit-single. The details are not known yet.

Meanwhile a court case took place during which it came to light that “Neformat” passed on the author rights of Elena Kiper to the songs of Tatu on their album “200 po vstrechnoi”, to a company called EMI in May 2003. Publishing department of company EMI was ready to sign a contract with Tatu and give them back the rights, if company “Neformat” will promise not to fight over them. Still “Neformat” broke their promise and provoked long lasting quarrels between the authors of the original songs and the translators. The point of the quarrel is: the translators of the album to English wanted a big part of the author rights – 66%. And company “Neformat” gave it’s permission – and by doing so agreed upon terms which are much worse then the terms used world-wide (translators get at most 33% of the author rights).
All the author rewards are currently concentrated in author communities around the world, and won’t be distributed to the authors until the fights are over.
Company “Neformat” is yet again in debt to all the authors of the album, and broke all the rules and regulations about the payments to the authors as well as the reports on album sales.
Right now the court is waiting for comments from EMI, the representatives of which will have to come to Moscow in the next few days. The next court date is scheduled to the 7th of April 2004.

Source: Artсonsult
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