Group Tatu and Elena Kiper signed an agreement

Time of publication: 10.04.2004 (05:25)
The new management of group Tatu offered Elena Kiper to work with Tatu on their second album. So far Elena Kiper expressed that she is not ready to write songs for Tatu, at least before the release of her own album, but will be more then happy to help with idias and ideologically. Elena offered the concept for the second album: presentation style, music style, the sound of voices, emotional theme, sound of music, and hinted where the first composition should come from in order to set the overall style. All required papaers have been signed. An agreement has been reached, that Elena's offer won't be publicly announced until the author of the idea and the investors of the project will finalise the discussion of the collaboration.

Source: Artconsult
Translated by katbeidar for
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