Will Tatu girls become Swedish?

Time of publication: 13.04.2004 (03:04)
As was reported by Swidish newpaper "Aftonbladet", Julia and Lena admitted that they hope to continue their careers with the help of a Swidish manager. His name was not rvealed, but it was stated that the girls are in touch with him.

"He has a new name for us, currently we don't want to say what it is," said the young ladies.

In the interview with the newspaper they also announced, that they feel terribly used by their producer Shapovalov, that Ivan exploited both of them from the time Lena was only 12 years old, and Julia was just 13.

"Ivan wanted us to be two dolls in school girl uniforms, played the roles of lesbians and did every sick scandal that came to his mind," explains Lena.

"It's hard to play lesbians, when we both have boyfriends," supported her friend Julia.

Lena Katina asked the Swidish fans for forgivness:

"We want to continue to perform together. We said all this because we hope that the world of music together with the fans will accept us, and maybe, forgive."

"The scandalous duo fell apart. Now they want to move forward, with Swidish help," reads "Aftonbladet". There are no official comment on the fact that Lena and Julia might move to Stockholm, but the rumors are present.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda (Natalia Gracheva)
Translated by katbeidar for TatySite.ent
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