Tatu found replacement to Ivan Shapovalov

Time of publication: 23.04.2004 (01:11)
Group Tatu continues to work on their second album. After their scandalous break up with their producer Ivan Shapovalov and the failure of the reality show "Tatu in Podnebesnaya", Tatugirls Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina "have been lying on the bottom" for quite some time. However Universal Music Russia with which the duet has a contract informs that Tatu's second album will be released, the group has not broken up and is now working on the recording. Who will replace Shapovalov as producer? The record company prefers to keep the secret for the time being, however agency InterMedia knows that Elena Kiper was offered to become Tatu's creative producer. She used to be one of the co-producers of the project, she came up with many promotional ideas and is the co-author of the lyrics of several hits (for example, "Ya Soshla S Uma"), but she left the project after having quarrelled with Shapovalov. Elena thought that after Ivan took the conduct of the project in his own hands he became too obsessed with the lesbian image of the Tatugirls, therefore their cooperation quickly reached a deadlock. Ms. Keeper told to our InterMedia correspondent that her concept of development for Tatu implies the creation of an image of free and brave girls capable of much, but not at all focused on sexual distortions. The offer for Elena to return to the group came from the investors of Tatu who conducted the project from the very beginning and are now worried that they may lose big profits because of the uncertain situation about the second album. The name Tatu will be kept for the girls. The information that the rights of the name belong to Ivan Shapovalov is not totally correct. Officially the trade mark is owned by Neformat of which Mr. Shapovalov is general director. According to some information, investors are dissatisfied with his work and his failure to keep good relations with the most commercially attractive project of the company, and are preparing for his replacement. The "divorce" between Tatu and Shapovalov was not fictitious but very real, and it is now a certain fact that Ivan is no longer the producer of duet Tatu. Anyway, he did not try to get the girls back since he considers that working with the new Podnebesnaya artists is more interesting for him.

Source: (by material of InterMedia)
Translated by haku
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