Tatu was taken away from Shapovalov

Time of publication: 28.04.2004 (22:33)
The singers of scandalous group Tatu have decided to refuse the services of their producer after they finally got tired of his extravagance and strange tricks. Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova have hired a lawyer firm to handle the problems they publicly talked about during one of the reality show "Tatu in Podenebesnaya" episodes.

Lena and Yulia insisted that the creative crisis and staff problems in group Tatu is Ivan Shapovalov's fault. The private investors of the group were dissatisfied with his work, especially businessman Boris Rensky who has a lot of money invested in Tatu, writes the newspaper "Zhyzn" ("Life").

Ivan Shapovalov didn't want to withdraw, he thought that the duo only had a future with him, but he didn't succeed. The legal owner of group Tatu "Neformat" has refused the services of Shapovalov. He was removed from his position by a general meeting of shareholders.

Tatu girls were very glad to hear those long-awaited changes, especially that Boris Rensky has now replaced Shapovalov. Tatu girls will soon start the recording of the second album of the group. The former producer had promised to record it by 14 March, but the promise was not kept. Negotiations with studios in England and the USA have already been conducted, and Tatu's new producer is hoping to regain the trust of the deceived authors of the first album songs and to get them to work on the second album.

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