Lena Katina goes solo

Time of publication: 20.05.2004 (19:20)
Yulia Volkova’s pregnancy didn’t bring about any cheerful emotions for the new producer of group Tatu, Boris Renskyi. The addition to the Tatu girls family is expected this summer. Although, Yulia doesn’t know, and doesn’t want to know who she is going to have – a son or a daughter.

Not surprisingly, the news totally overruled Renskyi’s plans for Yulia and Lena to start recording songs and restart their artistic careers. Now, Neformat is in a hurry to collect the material for the new album.

The second Tatu girls, Lena Katina, has refused to look for any replacement of her band partner and together with her father – a famous musician Sergey Katin is preparing new songs, as Zhizn reports.

Lena almost never leaves the studio, and her father is convinced that his daughter is able to go solo. The company that owns the brand name “Tatu” has nothing against this turn of events. As long as Lena doesn’t use the brand name.

Source: Dni.Ru
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