Tatu girl attempted to get rid of the baby

Time of publication: 24.05.2004 (07:07)
As we reported earlier, Tatu girl Julia Volkova is expecting a baby.

The baby is expected to see the world at the end of summer. Right now the singer is thoroughly preparing for the delivery, tries not to worry and undergoes all necessary tests and procedures under the strict control of her mother, Larisa Viktorovna Volkova.

Although, as Zhizn came to know, Julia could have not had the baby. It turns out that on her sixth week of pregnancy, Julia turned up at the abortion quarters of an elite gynecology clinic. She has been observed in the clinic ever since her first abortion of pregnancy. The doctors of the clinic placed the Tatu girl under thorough observation immediately. Following that came the most important part. After listening to the doctors convincing her to keep the baby, Julia insisted on wanting an abortion. She loudly explained that she doesn’t want to give birth, since she is not in a position to take care of children. She mentioned her busy schedule, and upcoming tours during which the baby can become a real problem.

But the reasons given by the famous singer did not change the doctor’s opinion. It was clearly explained to Julia that she is facing a very important decision (maybe the most important) in her life. If she terminates this pregnancy she might become infertile, since her body is pretty weak.

The choices were simple: either you give birth now, or never. After hearing this verdict, the girl burst into tears. At this point Julia’s mother joined the conversation. Larisa Viktorovna comforted her daughter and convinced her to listen to the doctors. On her mothers persistent recommendation Julia decided to keep the baby.

Now Larisa Viktorovna accompanies Julia on all her observations. She is very concerned about her daughter and her future grandchild. Luckily, the latest ultra-sounds showed that the embryo is developing normally, without any pathologies.

Julia Volkova’s parents refused to comment on Julia’s unsuccessful abortion.

”We are waiting for the new addition to the family,” said the father of the singer, Oleg Viktorovich. “Julia wants to become a mother, and is thoroughly preparing for the birth.”

Source: "Zhizn", 22nd of May, 2004.
Translated by katbeidar for
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