Tatu will record a new album after all.

Time of publication: 02.06.2004 (15:55)
No one has heard from Tatu for a while. So, did the group breakup?

After breaking up with their producer, Ivan Shapovalov, this spring, there were persistent rumors flying around that group Tatu fell apart. The girls still didn't receive the gigantic amounts of money which they supposedly were eligible for after the successful sales of their debut album in the west. To add to it all, the duo "floated" on top by relying only on one album and various remixes of it all along. The duo wasn't offered any more hits. The group's future was jeopardized by the unplanned pregnancy of Julia Volkova, who is currently on her sixth month into the pregnancy.

Probably the girls would have run away after this, but the strict contract with the recording label obliges Tatu to record at least one more album.

Director of marketing of Universal Music Russia, Asya Kalyasina, said to "Argumenty i fakty": "Our company really owes the girls money, but they themselves asked to temporarily stop the payments, since previously all the payments went through Neformat, with which the group broke up. We are planning to sign a contract with Tatu as soon as possible and solve the entire financial dilemma. Currently the girls are resting and gaining strengths to record the second album.”

Source: Argumenty i fakty ("Arguements and facts")
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