Tatu are changing their image and recording a new album

Time of publication: 05.06.2004 (04:45)
Producer company “neformat” confirmed the information that Julia Volkova is pregnant. According to the words of their press-attachй Aleksandra Tityanko, Julia will become a mom in September, and the child’s father is Pavel [aka Pasha] Sidorov. "In the case of group Tatu, image is life,” insists Ms. Tityanko. “And since the girls’ lives are changing, so does the image".
Julia decided to fully use the time left before the delivery of baby. On 16th of June she will fly to London with Lena Katina and record the new album until the end of summer. Some of the compositions for Tatu’s new album were offered by Universal Music International, and the rest were offered from “Neformat”. The new album will be in two languages – English and Russian. It is planned that the new album will be released at the end of autumn / beginning of winter.

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