Elena Kiper won in court the rights on Tatu songs

Time of publication: 09.06.2004 (08:44)
Former coproducer of group Tatu Elena Kiper has won a long legal dispute against company Neformat. Over a year ago, Elena Kiper, dissatisfied with the way her royalties from the sales of millions of Tatu albums were paid, submitted a claim to obtain the termination of the contract that transfers her copyrights to Neformat. On 7 June, the court has ruled a decision in favor of Elena Kiper. The judgment says: "In the name of the Russian Federation, 7 June 2004, the Timiryazevsky regional court of Moscow under the authority of judge Golubev and secretary Shlyapnikov, after considering in open judicial session the case regarding the claim of Keeper Elena Vladimirovna to obtain the cancellation of the contract of transfer of copyrights and the payment of a compensation for the infringement of those copyrights from the company Neformat, the court, according to articles 194, 199, and 235 of State Customs Committees of the Russian Federation, decides:
The termination of the contract of the transfer of copyrights of the products "Ya Soshla S Uma" and "Nas Ne Dagoniat" in date of 6 June 2002 between the company Neformat and Keeper Elena Vladimirovna; the condemnation of the company Neformat for the infringement of those copyrights to pay the sum of 500.000 roubles (14,000 euros) to Keeper Elena Vladimirovna; the payment of court expenses in the amount of 7,500 roubles (200 euros) by the company Neformat. This decision can be appealed in Moscow City Court. In a conversation with the correspondent of InterMedia, Ms Keeper said that this judgment is an unprecedented break in the field of copyright. Now company Universal and its subsidiaries will have to receive Elena Kiper's authorization to publish Tatu songs and pay royalties to her.

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