Tatu is going to end its creativity break

Time of publication: 12.06.2004 (00:44)
The work on Tatu's long-awaited second album will resume in the near future. Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina have finally left their former producer Ivan Shapovalov who was also the general director of Neformat. Now the company is directed by one of its cofounders, Boris Rensky, who is also Tatu's new producer. According to Alexandra Tityanko, press attache of Neformat, now that Shapovalov has been removed the conflict between the girls and Neformat has come to an end - Yulia and Lena will continue to work under the contract that binds them to this company. In mid-June, the Tatu girls will go to London to record the songs of their new album. Several authors who worked on Tatu's first album but then argued with Shapovalov will participate in the making of the new material. Valery Polienko and Sergey Galoyan specifically who are now living in England. The expected alliance with Tatu's ex-coproducer Elena Kiper is unlikely to happen though. Alexandra Tityanko told our InterMedia correspondent that Elena has presented two new songs but they have not impressed neither the singers nor the producers. Ms. Kiper's version is that Tatu simply could not offer adequate working conditions. The work on the new album should not be hindered by Yulia Volkova's pregnancy. She should give birth in the second half of September and she will participate to the recording until August. After the birth, Yulia does not intend to stay at home and plans on going back to work quickly. The child will remain in the care of Yulia's parents who have always dreamed to have a grandchild. The child's father will also participate actively in its education even though a wedding between Yulia and her boyfriend is not discussed yet. During the pause that will inevitably happen after Yulia Volkova's pregnancy, her colleague Lena is going to record her own solo album. She will be helped In this work by her father Sergey Katin who wrote "Stranu Limoniyu" and some other variety songs. However, Lena has postponed her solo plans until autumn to focus now on the recording of Tatu's second album. Neformat doesn't want to give a release date yet. "We have given so many dates for the release of this album, it's better to say nothing from now on", Ms. Tityanko said. The information that Tatu has lost its name and is going to change it, appears to be false, even though this news has been published on a number of media, even abroad. This rumor was created as a publicity stunt by the PR people of a new group that carries the same name as the one Tatu was supposed to adopt.

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