Tatugirl will give birth in Russia

Time of publication: 01.07.2004 (10:48)
Tatu's work is not stalling because of Yulia Volkova's pregnancy. After the Tatugirls got rid of their producer Ivan Shapovalov, the girls' incomes have significantly increased, and they are now even working on creative matters.

The girls will go to London to record their second album. The contract with Universal Music has already been signed, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" writes. The flight to London has already been postponed for a couple of weeks because of visa problems, but in the meanwhile Yulia and Lena have been recording demos of the future songs in Moscow.

During her pregnancy Yulia Volkova is living a healthy life. She has stopped smoking and she walks regularly. Contacts with the press have been removed from her schedule to avoid a possible source of negative emotions. Yulia got recently a little dog despite the fact that she already has a large setter called Rada. Yulia constantly nurses the puppy in her arms, practicing as a future mom, so to speak.

The recording of the album in England will last about a month and then Yulia Volkova will return to Russia to give birth here. Yulia does not trust foreign doctors. The baby is expected in the second half of September. It may become a present for Lena Katina's birthday who will turn 20 on 4 October.

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